Hannah Montana Movie trailer


Here is the first trailer for the movie. YouTube - Hannah Montana The Movie Full Trailer!!!


Interesting . . . so does this mean NO MORE HANNAH? Just Miley? Is she letting the fans down lightly with this movie? Or is it just that, a movie?



Maybe not cause they are at 63 episodes. Disney Channel shows only have 65 episode run. But That’s So Raven had 100… so maybe one more season?


hmmmmmm . . . no wonder you see the same ones OVER, and OVER, and OVER . . . makes me crazy sometimes . . . but the kids don’t care! :laugh:


Does sound like this is a way to ‘ease’ out of the show


Aw I am so excited!! This looks great! It looks like the perfect way to transition into “no more Hannah, just Miley”.

Frankly, Hannah was starting to get a little too “diva-ish” for me in the latest episodes. :dry: I actually weaned Alice off of it because the show was really starting to irk me. I will definitely let her watch the movie though! (Once it’s on DVD - I’m not taking a 2-year-old to the theater. :laugh:)


A new clip Hannah Montana: The Movie trailers and video clips on Yahoo! Movies


The Disney Website also has a link to The Hannah Montana Movie page that has the Trailer. Also on Disney.com they have the video for Let’s Get Crazy with clips from the movie. I am looking forward to the movie, maybe even more than the kids are! Lol