Hannah Montana @ Typhoon Lagoon?


Hello All , My DD has been seeing Disney 365 on the Disney Channel where they are talking to Myli Cyrus who plays Hannah Montana and they are saying she is appearances there. Does anyone knowe anything about this? She really wants to go and I can’t find any info on the WDW site or on the Hannah Montana site. Any info would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks.


I just saw her today for the first time. I am not really up on this stuff yet, my DD’s are 2 & 3. Who is she? Is he like the next “Lizzie Maguire/Hillary Duff”?


I don’t know where that thing is, but I do know that Mylie Cyrus is the Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, he’s still pretty good looking!


I know that Hannah Montana is definitely making an appearance at Typhoon Lagoon soon. Apparently they are filming something there. I know because when I was at the concierge desk today at the Dolphin during work, a guest was inquiring about it with one of the concierge people.

According to a website I found: “Hannah Montana will appear at Typhoon Lagoon for a film shoot on Thursday, June 22nd. The performance will take place sometime between 11am and 1pm at the Clock Tower. Prime viewing will be available from the wave pool area.”


My daughter won tickets to this last week. The concert is on thursday at Typhoon Lagoon (which has turned into a real pain in the butt, but that is another story). All of the winners, film crew, invited guests, etc. have to pick up their tickets between 6:30 and 8:30 am. I THINK that at 8:30 until 10:00 am (or until the park reaches its limited event capacity) that they will let in paying guests. But they will close the gates to the park at 10 am and no one else will be admitted in wth or without a ticket: bought, won, or otherwise.


Well I am not in on that stuff yet, DD is only 6 and has never mentioned her! Of you all go, Have fun!


Hannah Montana (Mylie Cyrus) IS Billy Ray’s daughter. They BOTH star on “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel.

Yes, I would say she’s definitely being groomed to be the next “Hilary Duff”.

The show is VERY cute!! I love it! I watch it with Sissy and Mikie whenever it comes on. They both are BIG BIG fans! (Especially SISSY)

Besides the fact that she is an extremely LOUD talker, I think she’s REALLY great! She’s got a great voice!

It’s fun to see Billy Ray doing anything :biggrin:

Remember Haley Joel Osment? (spelling?) The “I see Dead People” kid??? - well HIS LITTLE sister is Hannah’s BEST FRIEND in the show…



Good to know. Might have to check it out, without the kids so that I know what is going on in little kid world!


I love hearing Miley talk. “Y’ain’t funny dad” She’s got that thick southern accent. It’s nice to see a southerner on a channel that’s not playing country music. :laugh:

It’s a really cute show.


Thank you all sooooo much for the info. I wish I had asked about this sooner considering it’s tomorrow !!! Maybe we will be able to go. Floridasunshine, I would love to hear all about it if we can’t go!!!


Thanks Tiggerfan!!! We are back, I am exhausted, my feet feel like raw hamburger meat from the wet sandy concrete all day. And this was the most expensive ‘free’ trip, I’ve ever been on! (a long, long story—I will try to explain in my trip report tomorrow!)… Anything and everything that could go wrong did. But not Disney or RadioDisney’s fault’s—they were stellar!!!

My kids are still on a Hannah Montana ‘high’, and probably had one of the most memorable days of their young lives!!!


Awwwww! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!