Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus In 3D!


So who else is watching Hannah Montana Meets Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds in 3D on the Disney Channel this Saturday, July 26th??

I AM!!!
Jonas Brothers are on it too<333

If you want to watch it, or your kids, you can go to your local Wal-Mart and get free pairs of 3D glasses for it!

I’m so excited.
I love Hannah and Kevin Jonas! :wub:


We’ll be watching it too. My DD (4 1/2) is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan and we already got our 3-D glasses from Walmart!


Yep, DD has her glasses, DVR set, and patiently waiting. She just LOVES Smiley, Miley!


We saw it in the theater! Kids loved it . . . can you use the glasses from the movie? Good to know if I can’t find them to go to Walmart . . . thanks for the tip! :wub:


We are planning on watching it too. My 4 1/2 year old just got her glassed today from Wal-Mart and is excited to see it too!


So thats what my DD was talking about last night in Wal-Mart.


Yep! We’ll be watching. We’ve had our Walmart 3-D glasses for about a week!


We picked up our 3D glasses at Walmart just last night. We’re not huge HM fans (my kids are just a bit on the older side for her…but still have an interest) but I want to see it since we’ve not been to her concert or movie. We won’t be home that night, but have Tivo set up to record it! Miley’s doing an interview on Good Morning America tomorrow morning.


Can’t find ours from the movie . . . I better head over to Walmart tomorrow . . . where do you go to get them?


At our store, there’s a display of movies or school supplies near the huge isle behind the registers (before you check out) at both entrances of the store. The glasses are found on top of this display, there’s a couple of posters advertising the movie. One display was empty, but we found what we needed at the other one. Good Luck!


THANKS for the tip! :happy:


We couldn’t find ours either. :blush: The little paper ones they have at Walmart were in the very front of our store. Right as you walk in the entrance, they had a big bin with them in it.


OOPS!! I just saw your post. I should’ve kept reading. :blush:


Paper as in the “old fashion” with red and blue lenses?

If so we have them, came with a Barbie DVD . . . could save me the trip.

The ones at the theater were hard black plastic, looked like the Risky Business Sunglasses! :laugh::laugh:


No fancy Risky Business (I loved that movie!) glasses…just the paper w/red and blue lenses!!!


Great! Saves me a trip! Thanks everyone! :wub:


I’m having a little Hannah premiere party that day! haha. I wanted to see it in theaters, but none of my friends or my nieces LIKED Hannah then, other then me! haha. :wub:



I know!! I’m sooo excited. See performed on GMA Friday morning, too!


If you get the TV Guide there is an article about Miley and a free pair of the glasses. The glasses from the actual movie in theaters probably will not work. The 3D technology they used at the theaters is the same as the movies in the parks. It was really, really cool. You felt like you had a front row seat. That kind of 3D can’t be transferred to TV, so it will be the old style 3D with the red/blue glasses.


DD Tivoed GMA. We’ve watched it about 10 jillion times. :laugh: