Hanwill's Hot trip to Disney


ok, let’s set this up…

Who went this time:

Me- The planner in the family who is always at the mercy of my Dh’s job when planning vacations

Dh- He likes Disney, but I think he does not enjoy it nearly as much as I do.
DD-12, who thinks she is growing up
DS-10, who was so excited to go
DS-15 months, who had no idea where he was, but he still had so much fun


We went in March with the grandparents- is there really any need to go again? Well, no not really, unless you wait until the last minute to plan any sort of summer vacation. Due to DH’s job… we could not plan anything ahead of time. Something was always coming up. Well, school starts soon, and we were down to the wire on the trip planning. There was no way we could get a place at the beach with a weeks notice, so where do we go? Well, I can plan a trip in 1 hour flat- with reservations, opinions, etc… so after much bouncing around where to go- we decided to do Disney again.

This time, DH did not want to do the dining plan, but I still though that a sit down meal every day was important, so I still wanted to do it. He was fine with that. SO we bought our tickets with no dining plan and no hopping, which I was worried would be a mistake.

We booked POFQ- with 10 day notice and I made dining reservations. About 4 hours later, I checked in online… How bout that for planning…

We had some interesting things happen… Here’s the lowdown…

We had a lot to do before we left, which means I have to do it, because hubby has no time to help with anything except on the weekend…

I packed as early as I could- which meant the night before I was up until 2 doing laundry… Got up Friday morning, and I fed everyone, cleaned up the house, packed the car, got the kids ready to go, and drove 30 minutes into the city to pic hubby up from work. Now, I had to meet hubby’s time window because he was going to get on a phone call at 12:30. I had to pick him up before that so that he could do his phone call from the car, or wait until 2 or later to get him. Needless to say, I was rushing around like a maniac… Oh well, it will be worth it!


Well, the 7 hour drive was uneventful, and quick thanks to bypassing that Atlanta rush hour traffic… We stopped in Macon, the state line-where we sat for about 20 minutes in the HEAT waiting for husband to finish a phone call (notice a pattern here?). Here, my son tried grapefruit juice, which he hated. They got their tastes of OJ, and were ready to go… We were trying to get to the hotel to the eat dinner if we could just get there.


Yay a TR! more more more please Hanwill!


Well,we got there with no problem, and you guessed it- the fact that we had stayed there three other times hd no bearing on anything. They put us in building 7… on the farthest wing out. NO complaints though. It was gorgeous and quiet, and something special to us happened later which made it fine.

here are a few pictures:


Well, you can see it was almost dusk when we got there, and what little Boo Boo thought about being out of the car after 7 hours… HE was ecstatic. I’ll try not to drive you crazy with pictures of him, but there were a few things that he really noticed that were interesting. Plus, we think he is pretty cute.


We ate, walked around, and then got to the room to get ready for bed and the next day. We had early ADRs. Plus, who is kidding who- you take kids to Disney and they are going to wake up early the first morning…


I’m loving this because we have ressies at POFQ in a couple of weeks—keep the report and picture coming. Interesting about the building—they must be really really busy—we have been close in every time. Still—far away at POFQ is just a stones throw anyway!


Saturday morning, we got you bright and early (6:30-sounds like sleeping in on vacation, doesn’t it?) Because we had to go here for the day…


Cool picture from the “new” Dumbo with the construction behind the wall…


What a little sweetie he is! Please continue - with lots of pictures please.


And yes, we were the first and ONLY family on Dumbo. It was weird and special all at the same time. There was so much to see because it was our first ride since it had re opened. We missed it last trip by a day. So, we kind of ran on, with out plowing anyone over… But I did not get a ton of pictures… well, at least not enough for me.

Small world- it was gorgeous, clean, newly renovated, and I would stay in building 7 again in a heartbeat. It was great. Although I have been in building 2 before where we could have only been one room closer to the main building. No complaints from us at all- we were happy to be there.


…also I am now singing in my head “I’m walking right down the middle of main street USA”…:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


Well, I knew it was going to be hot, but dang it, you add a baby a black backpack, and some weird sunscreen, and I was very hot before we were let down main street. Oh well, we were in Florida.
Our observations from this day were that is was “busy” but not ridiculous. Wait times for rides were averaging 30-40 minutes except for BTM, SM, and Sm. No surprise…

The best thing that happened that morning was getting there very early. We walked down to the CP, and while hubby checked us in, we walked with the baby. He promptly walked over the bridge to Adventureland like he was going somewhere, and turned right. He has just started talking, which is cute. He was so excited to see some “guck gucks” out on the walkway he could not figure out which to follow first. The "guck gucks were 2 ducks and a bird, but to him it was all the same. He alternated between squealing at that and that “car cars”. he was THRILLED to be there. It made our day, and we were instantly glad we had chosen here as our vacation.


Oh, worst thing from that day… There were dreaded Brazilian tour groups… although, we should not judge them all as Brazilian, some were from Argentina, and one day I saw a school group of Japanese kids too. As a rule, they were very well behaved. Disney had these Portuguese interpreters in green shirts every where that seemed to make things better. They did travel as a group, but somehow we managed to only hear chants a few times for a few seconds. they must have been told about that-because it would stop almost as soon as it would start.

Interesting things we noted that day:

  1. it was HOT, HOT, HOT…
  2. Disney was great at managing all of these people who spoke different languages. We thought that it was about 60% foreign visitors though. Heard lots of different languages being spoken. People were very respectful of each other too.
  3. We at lunch at Pecos Bill, and witnessed a search for a missing child like I have never seen. We were sitting right next to the door of the exit for Pecos Bill that goes out to the Outpost food stand. Well this lady lost her child. and she circled from the back room, outside through the Tortuga Tavern faster than those people being chased on Pirates. It was almost that quick… Everytime she came through the room, she was SCREAMING his name… Well, the whole restaurant froze. It was weird. She screamed for this kid for about a minute, and then Disney managers were helping her look for him. it took about 3-4 minutes total. The kid was found, and I am glad that he was ok, but it really did look like those people running in circles on Pirates. And no, I did not take her picture- but I did manage to take another 2500 pictures.


Here are some more pictures from that day: I am fascinated by the signs that cover WDW, anything that looks interesting, I take a picture. I am not a picture perfectionist, but usually, I am trying to take it while I have a baby on my hip, or we were walking from place to place. Hubby is quite tall, so he can cover ground like nobody’s business. I usually cannot slow down very long to take a picture. So, here are some of my odd photos…


Why are there pay phones in Tomorrowland? They were right above a tour which is what got my attention in the first place.

Anywho- after about 6:00, we decided that we had had enough heat for the day- so we went back to the room to go swimming. Here is what little Boo Boo thought about it:


Are these the pay phones near the Crystal Palace and First Aid? Or around the side of Peter Pan? :laugh: In the days before I had a cell phone, I used to make a call from the one near Peter Pan.


We had big plans the next morning too… Let’s get to bed!


Small world, they are to the right side of the restrooms in Tomorrowland, to the left of Space Mountain. Plenty of space around there for 50 teenagers to sit on the ground-which was what I saw first. But there was nothing Tomorrow about it.


Ahhh yes—I remember those phones too! Open space. I am surprised they still offer payphones. They have taken most all of the payphones out locally.