Happiest Celebration on Earth


Hi everyone!
I am planning a trip to DW for the end of October…
I know the Happiest Celebration on Earth is supposed to be over
some time this year…

Any ideas when?
Or if they are taking away the special shows, (like cinderellabration, and lights, motors, action!) etc?


The happiest celebration is all through this year. Lights motor action isn’t going anywhere. It’s a new attraction as far for keeps as far as I know. The other celebrations should be in place at least until the celebration is over.


you need to go to soarin.:mickey:


we went last year and that’s one of the only things in epcot we missed (soarin)!!!

and living seas, it was closed for rehab when we went :frowning:


I may be wrong, but I thought the Happiest Celebration was scheduled to end in September. Lights, Motors, Action! is permanent and won’t be going anywhere but I think Cinderellabration may be gone and replaced with Cinderella’s Suprise Celebration which is the show they used to have at the castle.

I can’t remember where I heard that though so I could be wrong.


The celebration ends in October of this year.


When in October mick? I thought it was going on until the end of the year. No matter to me, but it would have been cool to see it once more.


I thought I heard December. Where’re Rowdy and Ginger when you need them?! :wink:


That’s what I read too. Yeah where are those guys?


Accoring to the official site, the celebration goes till Jan. 07.

allears is also reporting that the celebration is suppose to go on for 18 months from the date it started (may 5th 2006) so I think that has it ending at the end of this year… I’m confused. http://allearsnet.com/dlr/news/50th1.htm


Official is official. Of course, “everything is subject to change at any time.” :rolleyes:


You know, I was determined to get back in time for Happiest Celebration. However, with all the newer attractions being “permanent” the only thing I can think of that will be different is the castle. Am I wrong?


yeah, I had always heard it was an 18-month celebration. However maaaaaybe that is just for Disneyland, but WDW will be keeping the new attractions?
Disney (I heard) has not released any “official” end date…but correct me if I’m wrong on any of this.


I suspect that Soarin’ will remain. It’s been the biggest hit of the Celebration so far. EE might give it a run for its money


I can’t imagine any new attractiobn, but Cinderellabration going anywhere any time soon.

…And let me tell you, that Cinderellabration is a huge dud! Only 3yo DD found it remotely interesting. I can’t imagine it staying around for long.


I’ve heard that from many many people Cavey - too bad, it looked like it had alot of potential.


Maybe if they re-tool it to be the “Tessa-bration” they’ll have a hit.


That is what I thought too, 18 months. :mickey:


I guess maybe it does go to the end of the year. I don’t know why I thought it ended in September or October. I can’t remember where I thought I saw that. Oh well, the longer the celebration goes on, the better!!



I thought it ended in October also… How long can they stretch a b-day out?