Happiest celebration?


Does anyone know when the happiest celebration ends? I finally got DH to sit down to plan and book our trip for December, but he really wants to go before this promo ends (he liked all the extras from other Disney parks)…any ideas when it comes to a close??


It runs for 18 months starting May 5, 2005…so…it would end around November 2006. :wub:


what she said.


yeah only to November…maye if you start your trip November 30th, it’ll still count as a 50th trip! lol


I’m so glad we get to go to this. Just to see the castle, if for no other reason.

BTW, do you think they’ll scaffold off the castle in December? :eek:


It is an awesome sight, we were just there in September, so we got to see almost all of the special sights, I love, love, love Cinderellabration…kind of hope they keep that one around…

And hey, the first time, and last time I ever took a trip to Washington DC, the entire Washington Monument was covered in scaffolding! You couldn’t even see out of the windows at the top!


The castle really is beautiful :slight_smile: I wish they’d keep it that way…


I remember that, I work not too far from the monument and about a block and a half from the White House.


When did they start that? We were there the 1st weekend of November when it was in the 70’s for a Regional Football Playoff Game. We lost but spent the day in DC on Sun. There was no scafolding then.


I can’t remember exactly but it was completely covered at one time. I guess that was about 2 years ago.


Well, the castle will be scaffold to take everything down. I remember the stink that was on DC when they scaffold it to put everything up.

But I can’t imagine them doing this at Christmas.


I was under the impression (at least at DLR), that the celebration (and wonderful things like ME), were to last until the end of 2006.

Of course, I am really good at imagining things in my mind to suit my needs (we are looking at WDW in either November or December), but I got that idea somewhere! :huh:


I really want to buy a piece of framable art or a poster of the Castle with all the cool gold trim… hope they made some of that stuff!


I know it ends before the end of the year. I’m just not sure when.