Happiest Faces on Earth DL Collage!


I just recieved an email to enter 5 of my favorite photos from DL resort to be considered for collages they are doing at DL for its 50th Celebration!!

You submit photos and then they choose from all the photos submitted!!

They do however want them to be from the DL resort!! I am not sure how they could tell tho!!!

Anyway for those of you that did not already know I thought I would tell you about it!!! :flowers:


Best of luck. I hope your photos make it in. :heart:


whoops, guess I should have read the fine print, I submitted one from WDw, guess it wont be in the collage.


We got a snail mail yesterday about it … well my DH did … it was for shareholders … only I have been to DL … he has never been and he is the one with the share of disney stock.
I guess I cant send in my pictures since I am not a shareholder


we got an e-mail about it, and we’re not shareholders, so go right ahead, tink


:slight_smile: ok I will thanks …all they can say is no …right?


Anyone can send a picture in. I already sent some of my favorites from Disneyland - mostly one of me in front of the castle, then goofying it up with the characters. Just go to www.disneyland.com for details. They will let us know before the celebration if we do get to be part of the magic.
While I wouldn’t mind being part of this, I’ll probably miss seeing the actual collage, since I’m planning on going to DL way before the celebration takes place.
But this is a fun way to be part of all - and – hey - I can include pics of my next trip as submissions! :laugh: