Happiest Faces on Earth?


Did anyone else send in pictures for the Happiest Faces on Earth? Have you heard whether they used your pictures? I thought when I sent mine that it said they would notify you if they used your pictures and tell you where you could find them at DLR.


We didn’t send any in, but they are being used for the 30 some collages around the resort, the largest being on Main Street. Each one shows a picture made up of CM faces, and each CM face is made up of 8 guest faces. Pretty cool.


That’ll be exciting and awsome to see! Can’t wait!


I sent in 5 photos. One for every 5 years (3 for that part) and 2 for my first trip at Disneyland and one for my most last recent trip before the deadline was up. I dont know where mine will be used but I heard the resort is supposed to tell you what mural they will be used in once their up.


i sent some in!!! :slight_smile: i TOTALLY wanted my pictures to be in there, MAN, thats such a cool idea!!!


I sent mine in, but I never read or heard anything about them telling you if they use yours. I thought I heard somewhere that they in fact did not tell the people who’s photos they used. So I guess I’ll be spending hours searching the murals.


I emailed DLR to ask about the pictures and this is the reply I got.

Thank you for your photo submission(s) to the “Happiest Faces
On Earth” program. The finishing touches are currently being put on
the collages which will be displayed throughout the Disneyland®
Resort. We are doing our best to incorporate all acceptable photos
and will be notifying you of your photo(s) usage in early May.

We are very excited about the 50th Anniversary Happiest Homecoming
On Earth Celebration and hope that you and your family will Come
Home and join us for this magical time in Disney history.


In the craziness of moving from CA to AK, we forgot to send ours in. :dry: I was kicking myself for weeks after that, because we had a couple of great pics from our honeymoon.

I can’t wait to hear if anyone’s pics get used–you’ll have to tell us where to look for them so we can check 'em out the next time we go to Disneyland!


I received another response from DLR today about this with a little more info:

Confirmation emails and letters will be sent in early May to all participants confirming receipt of
photo and, if the photo is used, notification of the general placement of the photo in the collages.
Additionally, when you visit the Resort during the 50th Anniversary Celebration, you may also find
information on your photo(s) and its usage by visiting one of three Happiest Faces On Earth kiosks
that will be located inside Disneyland park.


Thanks for doing the legwork on this one, jodilt! I’ve been really curious about this but it never occurred to me to do anything but sit and wait to see if I heard something. :rolleyes:

It’s not wrong to be so excited about the prospect of my picture at DL, is it? Is it??? :laugh:


Okay, um, explain this Happiest Faces thing. I’m a WDW fan, haven’t been to DL since '95…

feels stupid


DLR asked people to send in their favorite pictures from trips to DLR over the years. Imagineers are taking the submitted pics and putting them together to make photo mosaics to be on display in the parks for the 50th celebration.


Ooooohhhhh… so someone will post photos of the mosaics eventually I expect :slight_smile:


Yes, I know I will…but they don’t go up until that first week in May.


I take that back…we did see one on Saturday but I forgot to tell you all. I was just outside Pin Traders (after all that discussion about Pin Traders) of Buzz Lightyear. It was HUGE, and it was only made up of individual pictures, not the 8 making up 1 which makes up the collage, so I can’t wait to see what the super huge one on Main Street will look like!


Just wanted to bump this up and ask if anyone had seen the mosaics yet? I am curious to know if you can actually find your picture in the mosaics or are they so small that you can’t tell? From pictures I have seen it doesn’t look like you can get close enough to some of them to even see the smaller pictures that make up the large one.


They are beautiful… and you’re right, some you can’t get close enough to see, and some you can pick out individual photos in. It’s random.

There’s one of Pooh by the ride that is especially nice, but there’s no way you could find anything in there. There’s a Mowgli and Baloo that’s really easy to view individual photos in. It just depends.

And let me just add a big HMMMPH because none of my pictures are up. Grrrrrrr.


OMG…They are so incredible! and there are so many!!! Wish I knew about it, I would have loved to submit DD and DS’s pictures! Sometimes you don’t even realize they are part of a collage, then you look a little harder and it’s AMAZING!



We were there a couple of weeks ago, before the celebration began. The only one we noticed was the big Buzz just outside of Pin Traders, where the Buzz ride exits. It’s up way too high on the building to really check out the pictures - you’d need a really tall ladder.


I am kind of bummed that you can’t find you picture in some of them…I thought that was one of the cool things about it. I still haven’t heard if any of my pics were used, and with my luck they probably weren’t. But I sure would like to find mine if they did!