Happiest (final resting) Place on Earth


Yo Ho Ho and a sprinkle of husband…

Possible Scattering Of Human Remains On Disney Rides Reported
Ride Closed, Police Alerted After Woman Seen Dumping Substance On Ride

Disneyland workers were recently forced to close the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction after a ride security camera caught a woman apparently dumping human remains, in what may be a growing trend.

Workers at the Anaheim theme park spotted the woman sprinkling an unidentified substance into the water on the “Pirates” ride. Anaheim police were notified of the incident.

The woman told Disney park workers that the substance she dumped was baby powder, but officials are investigating the possibility that she sprinkled human ashes, Local 6 reported.

Some Disney watchers said park-goers tell them that people smuggling in the cremated remains of their loved ones and then sprinkling ashes on rides has been going on for a while.

They said it started at the Haunted Mansion, but now the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride is growing in popularity.

Al Lutz, who runs Miceage.com, told KABC that it is not unusual for people to scatter a loved one’s remains at the happiest place on earth.

Disney officials said they were unaware of any confirmed ash-scattering incidents in the park and didn’t believe it to be a problem, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Park officials said there was no real way of knowing if cremated remains were dumped into the “Pirates” ride.


I wonder if I can have my ashes scattered in the HM entrance graveyard?


Uh…I think I just :blow: in my mouth a little bit:blink:

I read that yesterday. So funny!


I just read a similar article the other day, seems like the number “HEPA Clean-ups” are on the rise.


I saw that to. Un believable. They extremely dedicated or nutz.:blink: :wacko:


You know what? My family already knows where I want my ashes scattered…I can’t divulge the exact location, but when folks ride the ferry launches into MK, they can wave to me…(shhhh…don’t tell anybody).



Hmmm, wasn’t thinking about cremation, but I sure wouldn’t mind getting on of the vaults outside HM.

I have long wondered how to leave my kids with one parting memory when I am gone, this could be it, lol.


I was just reading about this on Fox News!


This is a pretty cool idea. My biggest fear is after I pass; the kids put me on a cross-country bus or something.

“I don’t know what happened to him officer, he was here yesterday…”


The only problem with sprinkling someones ashes into the water at POR or IASM or any type of ride like that is…they empty the water when they refurb the attractions. So…the lesson…sprinkle it on the ride…not in the water;)


This may end up being a new resort. :laugh: :rolleyes:

Welcome to the Disney (Land).
The Disney (Rest).:redface:


My co-workers just asked why I was cracking up. I can almost visualize the commercials for that one…


I’ve heard of people doing this for a long time.


And you didn’t share it? For shame!:laugh:


At one time, my hubby said that he wanted me to spread his ashes at WDW. I told him I would just flush him down the resort toilet and they could filter him and spread him throughout the parks. :laugh:


I’m not surprised at all…


I’m not sure but I think Tinkerbell just sprinkled me with pixie dust and a left bicuspid!


I’m surprised that Disney doesn’t grab onto this opprotunity to create a timeshare for eternity. With the cost of funerals and burials, I would think they could start a eternityshare with a family reunion twist. Might be a great way to pull in an easy $30,000 per family plus return visitation throughout the years. Come see grandma on her birthday/anniversary. well… maybe not.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :blink: :blow:


i’m actually not suprised by this either…and it really doesn’t disturb me…i think doing it on POC is a little weird but doing it in like Bay Lake or something would be interesting.


anyone ever see the movie “shawshank redemption”…

you could sprinkle a little ashes all over the park as you walk about…

just like what the guy did with the cement wall bits he collected as he dug his way out of the prison.

seriously though…there are enough garden areas throughout WDW, you could sit down for a break at any of them…say a few words, a prayer and deposit the ashes under a bush.

at least that way you know the ashes are not going to be filtered or swept up…they will become part of the soil. they will forever be part of the “happiest place on earth”! :c)

i like the idea…nothing creepy or gose about it to me.