Happily Ever After Trip Report!


Almost done…hope to finish tomorrow.:smile:


It was so nice:happy: Each time we were presented with a congratulatory “gift” it was such a neat surprise!:happy:


Who doesn’t love a congratulatory gift? :biggrin: Awesome! Great pics as usual Mr. Go. Hey Pep, do you like to take pictures too or do you leave it up to the dude?


[QUOTE=Ready2Go;913466]Shhhhhh…he’s asleep.:smile:[/QUOTE]

LOL!!! When I first read this, I scrolled back up to look for the “sleeping” zebra! :laugh:

Zeeba Zeeba Eater! :hook: (this is the point where I thought a Stephan Pastis croc would be a nice smiley) :pirate:


Congrats to you both!! I’m still waiting for the back story though…Anyone spilling the beans?? Hey Pumouse, where are you?? Great pics! What kind of camera do you have?


I like to take pictures too…maybe not as much as Mr. Go…but I do take some:smile: In fact, he’s used some of the ones I took for this report:flowers:


Oooh really?? How 'bout the boys, did they take some pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Go?:biggrin:


would love to see a family pictures… ?


Huh? Did I take some pictures?:huh::laugh:


No silly. Wondering if you would spill the beans on the back story to the love story.:blink:


Ohhhh gotcha. If Peppertink says I can…


Congrats to you!!! What a great TR, very entertaining and the pix were awesome!!


Is it tomorrow yet?


I was thinking that too…thought maybe i missed something :blink:


Sorry been very busy.:blush:

Got an early start in the MK.:smile:


Mmmmmmm time to eat.:smile:


Awwwwwww…look at what they put on our table.:smile:


Here’s Pooh.:smile:


And Tigger.:smile:


And Piglet.:smile: