Happily Ever After Trip Report!


Wow…I just re-read this thread. SOOOO lovely!


This is still my all time favorite TR!!


Mine too!:blush::laugh::wub:


Me Too!!!:heart::heart:


Can’t believe it’ll be 5 years in November!:blink: Time flies when you’re having fun!:wub:


Whoa … 5 years?


Yep! Can’t believe how fast it’s gone!


I know:heart::heart::heart:


Almost 5 years already??? Wow, where has time gone!!


:heart::heart:And they said it wouldn’t last:laugh:


I Know. And in a blink of an eye.:smile:


:wub::heart::wub: Coming up on six years of happy!


And now almost 9 years:heart::heart::heart:


Ahhhhhhh, the memories. Look at how many posts there were of people reviewing your trip report…35,000+!!! Those were the good old days, and miss everyone. Fun to look back at everyone’s comments. My boys are all grown now too. My oldest is 25 and married and youngest is 23 and just graduated with a double major at University of Wisconsin. It definitely does go by fast. So, I think it’s time to take another trip. Make sure you do another trip report when you do!


can’t wait to take another trip. Hope I have time for a TR.