Happy 53rd Anniversary Disneyland!


On this day 53 years ago Walt opened up what would become one of the most Magical and Popular Kingdoms in all of its realm and in all the land. 53 years later? Timeless.

Here is to another Magical, Fun and Dream Filled 53 Years, I tip my hat to you Disneyland…Happy Birthday.


Happy Anniversary Disneyland… and thanks Walt!:wink::wub:


Happy birthday, disneyland.


I just can’t believe it’s been 3 years since the 50th anniversary! WOW!


ME either… we were there for the 50th… it was our first trip to DL.


Happy Birthday Disneyland. It has been too long since my last trip to DL. DD was 18 months old the last time we visited–12 1/2 years ago. I think it is time to try to convince DH that we need to take a trip to California.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I’ll get to see you one day . … promise! :heart:


Happy Birthday! How fast 53 years went by.


Haha, that’s so funny. I have just now made the connection that Sean and I share our anniversary with Disneyland. :laugh: (Maybe it’s just too early…)

Happy Anniversary Disneyland!


Wow…53 years. Thanks to Walt, we are all here on this site talking about this Anniversary! :wub:


Happy Anniversary Disneyland!


Happy anniversary to the original Happiest Place on Earth. :happy:

I can’t wait to go back this fall! :wub:


Happy Anniversary, Disneyland!

(My boyfriend reminded me of this, actually… because tomorrow is our six month :laugh:)



Another excuse to party!