Happy 80th Birthday Mickey Mouse!


Photos: Mickey Mouse through the years – OrlandoSentinel.com


:mickey::mickey: Happy 80th !!! It’s all about you Pal :cool:


I was going to start this thread, well I’m glad you did.

“We must never lose sight of one thing, It was all started by a mouse.”

Thanks, pal, for 80 magical years!


Mickey YOU ROCK!!! :wub::wub::wub:

:heart: Happy Birthday! :heart:


He’s lookin’ good for his age!:happy: Happy Birthday Mickey!


Happy Birthday MICKEY!!!





Happy Birthday, Mickey!


He indeed looks good for his age. Hope I look that good when I’m 80, minus the ears of course.:blush: Happy Birthday Mickey and many, many more.


Happy birthday mickey mouse! Looking good!!


We celebrated at my house with a birthday cake and everything. I even brought cupcakes to school so that my classroom could partake in the festivities!!:mickey:


Happy birthday Mickey!!!