Happy 9th Anniversary DCA


Today, 2-8-2010, is DCA’s 9th Anniversary, the park opened on 2-8-2001. Next year we should see some nice festivities come to DCA as she celebrates her 10th Anniversary, with a possible new re-dedication of the park and with a brand-new look and much new things to come.

As some call one of the most debated Disney Parks, cheaply built - a mistake to some, by this time next year we should see this once ugly-duckling of a park turn into a real swan beauty (and from the changes we have seen so far, we can see that is already taking place).

Here is to a hopefully wonderful next decade for this park with only positive things to come in her future.


I don’t know about the ugly ducking…It’s one of my favorite parks. I am looking forward to the changes. Do you remember the the big observation platforms they had at the edge of the park when DCA was under construction?


I definitely see a brigh future for DCA. As for the 10th anniversary, it should be big espeically with the addition of World of Color, the Silly Symphony Swings, and sometime in 2011, the Little Mermaid Dark ride. It is all so exciting. :slight_smile:


Wow, how things can change in a matter of a decade! I was there during opening year and I am still surprised how vastly different the park is already, imagine when all the NEW updates are finally done. wow.


It’s so true! I have a friend who went this past week, she hadent been since March of 2001, she was blown away by everything that had changed/was going on, she said all of vegetation that had grown in alone made a huge difference on how the park looked.