Happy Anniversary, Disneyland!


55 years ago the magic began. I have yet to visit, but I know I will some day. Thank you Walt, for bringing out the kid in all of us.


Me too . . . I want to visit badly!!

:heart::heart: Thanks Walt! :heart::heart:


After going to WDW tons of times and never been to DL we finally went in Sept. 2006.
I thought I would not like DL, boy was I wrong. My DW and I loved the parks the layout of the hotels and DTD was (I shouldn’t say this) better than DTD at WDW! And now with World of Color I would love to go again.


This slipped my mind altogether!
July 17th:mickey:


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1040965]This slipped my mind altogether!
July 17th:mickey:[/QUOTE]

Yep, 55 years. I wonder if they did anything.


Wow five years went by fast. As I have been learning more about DL I would not mind going and checking it out. However WDW is easier to get to for the most part. Though I would love to visit all the different parks they have.