Happy Birthday Goofy!


Here’s to 77 years of making us laugh. To my hero…and best friend, Goofy Goof! Happy Birthday buddy!


:goofybounce: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We :heart: Ya! :goofybounce:


Happy Birthday to the Goofy guy, the world wouldn’t be the same without him (either is Liberty Tree Tavern:laugh:).


OMG I didn’t get him something :ohmy:! Happy Birthday :goofy:



Happy birthday, Goofy!


Did I miss his Birthday OMG - Goof you look great for your age

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :goofy::goofybounce::goofy::goofybounce:


Happy Birthday Goofy! And I think it’s the appropriate time to say thanks to Rowdy for his Goofy assistance! Thanks Matt!


:goofybounce::goofy:HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOFY!! I :heart: YOU!!:goofybounce::goofy:


Happy Birthday Goofy. Hope Matt got you something really special. :wink:Will it be known at the parks that today is your birthday? That would be fun.


Stolat Goof. You don’t look a day over 21.


Happy Birthday Goofy!! And many more!


Woo Hoo Goofy!!! Happy Birthday ya big lug!


Happy Birthday Goofy!