Happy Birthday LilMissDisney!


Happy Birthday!!! You are now officially a “teenager”!!!
Hope you have some special plans for today!!!


<marquee> :happy: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :happy: </marquee>


Happy Birthday! :flowers:


Happy Birthday!!! ;c)


Happy Birthday LilMissDisney!!!


Happy Birthday!!!


I hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!!! Now that you’re a teenager, you know that you have to start driving your parents crazy, right? :wink:


happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Sweet Thirteen! :flowers:


Happy Birthday tououou youououo


Hope yours is a Magical Day!!


[I] :flowers: Happy Birthday do my darling little Cupcake! I love you so much, and I can remember the very first moment I ever laid eyes on your tiny little self, with blue eyes and fuzzy hair! You make our lives so lovely! Kisses to you!

<marquee> Love, Mom :wub: </marquee>[/I]



Welcome to the wonderful days of teenager-ism! :happy:

[and don’t forget to bother your parents about the new line of coach bags!!]


Happy Birthday!! :o)


:mickey: :mickey: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :mickey: :mickey:


Thank you every body!!! :grin: Sorry, I couldn’t get to the computer yesterday!!!