Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!


79 days ago today Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928, at the Colony Theater in New York.

Let the party continue!

(Thanks Walt for creating something that has given joy to so many all these years.)


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!



A birthday party! :laugh:

With cake and ice cream? :happy:

Steamboat Willie. It’s a classic! :cool:


Happy Birthday!!!


Awwww. A birthday definitely worth celebrating! Afterall, where would WE mousebuzzers be if Mickey hadn’t been born!!! (Yeah, I’d be cleaning my house a little more, probably reading a little more, not spending money on Disney, etc. etc. :blink: :laugh: ) I, for one, am a thankful Mickey fan. :happy:



I was gonna start this thread, but I couldn’t get myself motivated this morning.




Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!!! Without you none of us would have a reason to be here (mousebuzz). Thanks walt for giving us all something to obsess about and for giving us a place to find magic year after year.:wub:


Happy Birthday Mickey. Hope Minnie got you something nice, like some gooood Wisconsin cheese.:wub:


Happy Birthday Mick!

Miss Ya


“It all started with a mouse”

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!


Happy Birthday Mickey!!!:wub:


Are they having celebrations at the Disney Parks today?

Gay hardcore


FOX news had a remote from WDW this morning and Minnie & Mickey were definitely celebrating Mickey’s Big Day.


:wub: :mickey:


Happy Birthday, dear Mickey! Happy Birthday to you!


:laugh: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKY!:laugh:

:biggrin:I’ve been wearing a celebration baseball cap all day, with ‘Steamboat Willie’ on…

Happy 79th Birthday


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!!! May you have many, many more!


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!! We had our own celebration for him at my house. I was also curious if the parks had any special celebrations or souvenirs??


When we were at the parks 2 weeks ago I was looking for that “special” Tshirt. We all know the one that you see after searching and searching that finally you see it and it screams at you perfect. I found it at the Emporium tucked away on a small shelf. Why am I telling you all this?? Each park is shown with the year that park opened. Right in the middle of the shirt (bigger than anything else on the shirt) is an embroidered Mickey with the year 1928. Under that (once again embroidered) is the words “I hope that we never lose sight of one thing - That it was all started by a Mouse.” Under that is Walt’s signature.

I love this shirt because it has my favorite quote and it shows that (at least for me) it’s all about the Mouse. I’ve kept the paper tag so I know exactly what they call the shirt because I’m thinking I might call the Disney mail order department and order the shirt in the LS white (I got LS blue) or see if they have it in SS so I can also wear it during the summer.

I know this was a bit of a threadjack but you did ask about souvenEARS and I love this one! If they don’t have anything this year they’ll definitely have some stuff next year when he turns 80. I will never get rid of the watch that I got when it was Mickey’s 60th bday. It’s got Mickey on it with the words “Sixty Years with You Mickey”, it’s very nice.