Happy birthday RnR!


…whaa whaa dude looks like a lady…whaa whaa dude looks like a lady! :laugh: Had to do it! hee hee:laugh:
It’s it’s 10 year birthday today according to Google! Many a happy ride taken on this ride. Sweeeeeeet emoooooooooooooooooooootion! :laugh:


I remember riding RnR it’s opening week on July 4, 1999?


I have no clue to be truly honest with you. I was on the D23 website and it said on this day…
Walt Disney Archives | D23 | The Official Community for Disney Fans

I was just Disney Surfing and came accross it. I may be wrong, it may be wrong…but whatever it was a great excuse to get a bit of Aerosmith shouted out! :laugh:


oh and I literally was just surfing the site…in NO WAY do I believe D23 is the official Disney community…phew- I imagined all the hate mail I would get! :laugh::blush::laugh::crying: