Happy Birthday Tower of Terror!



Happy 15th Birthday to the Tower of Terror at WDW which opened 7/22/94!


Rock and Roller Coaster will be 10 next Tuesday as well. (And my sister will be 50)
Opening day 7/29/99.
Coincidentally, the Disneyland monorail opened on my 4th birthday, 6/14/59.
Funny how I was there on my 50th birthday (monorail’s 46th) and Disneyland didn’t even mark the occasion. Not a peep. Maybe it had something to do with it being Disneyland’s 50th birthday celebration at the time. Not my birthday, I meant the monorail’s.


Doug, you gave me a headache.


I’m not even sure how to respond to that:blink:


I love The Tower of Terror! I love that everytime is a little different and I spot something I hadn’t noticed before.

Happy Birthday!


Tower of Terror today is a better ride than it was when it opened. That’s because they’ve randomized the ride cycle now to have multiple drops of different lengths and amounts, making the ride less predictable.


Happy 15th Birthday to the Tower of Terror at WDW which opened 7/22/94![/QUOTE]

We were married on 7/23/94 and went to Disney 2 days later on our honeymoon. Although I didn’t remember it, we must have been among the 1st to ride ToT. DH and I are celebrating our 15th anniv. tomorrow!:wub:


Oooo my favortie ride! Someone should go tie a birthday balloon on the ToT gates or something lol


I love ToT…one of my favorite rides (and one that I never thought I’d go on or enjoy!). I like the randomizer (especially the one where you get to the bottom, think your done, and then they shoot you back to the top), but I think the best parts are when you get to drop the whole way. The mini-drops aren’t near as much fun!