Happy Dance


:goofybounce: This is me doing the Happy Dance. Actually, the dance is a direct result of the all over itch I’m feeling, you know, that “:mickey:-itch”- Are we there yet? ! ! !

Can’t wait go:mickey: And can’t seem to stay off this board either, gets worse the closer we get.


ooh - the 10 day itch! i know what you mean!! happy dancing to you tho!!


10 days! No wonder you’ve got the “:mickey: itch” You’ll be there in the blink of an eye:happy:


I have to confess, we were there at Easter, and last August… but both of those trips were not great due to the company we kept… you know some of the problems that go with travelling in a larger group.

This time it’s just me, DH and the boys (17 yr twins). We are all stoked to go! No cars, no in-laws, no groups of 17 (it was fun but too big). We’re “hard-core Disney people” and the others just don’t get it. I know you all do though. Thanks for understanding… If we’re nuts, well we’re in good company.:blush:


:laugh: Completely understand. So glad to hear the next trip will be better than the last… Enjoy your last minute preparations!


WOOHOO! Happy Dance to you!


You are so close! Happy 10 day dance to you!


Awesome! I am feelin the need to go myself… But thats never never land… I gots to work to buy diapers for a few more months…


Happy dance away!!


Dance, dance, dance. 10 short days to go to get rid of that " :mickey:itch "



GET RID OF? Who wants to get rid of that particular phenomenon? Let’s just find a way to satisfy it for a little while… :happy:


10 days!!! FUN! I’m jealous. :slight_smile: I can’t wait until I’m at the 10 day mark! We’re just under 2 months though…getting there!


Happy dance all you want!! Shoot, we may just join you!!:goofybounce: :goofybounce:


Congrats . . . HAVE FUN!! :mickey:


:cheshire: Congrats!!!