Happy Earth Day! Party for the Planet at DAK!


:AK: Happy Earth Day! :AK:

It’s a big day at DAK! Not only is it the anniversary of the park’s opening in 1998, but they’re also celebrating Earth Day with a Party for the Planet!

Party for the Planet ? including Africa?s Big Cats ? on Earth Day at Disney?s Animal Kingdom Disney Parks Blog

Inside Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, “Be a Big Cat Researcher” activities will focus on how scientists study big cats in the wild. Guests will:

  • Record lion and cheetah behaviors on an ethogram (if you don’t know what an ethogram is, come and find out!).
  • Help find solutions to conservation issues that affect lions and cheetahs.
  • Learn about GPS collars, camera traps and who shares the savanna with lions and cheetahs.
  • Hear cheetah and lion vocalizations as they communicate to other cats across the savanna.
  • Discover where the few remaining lions and cheetahs are found on the continent of Africa.

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund will showcase lion and cheetah projects that the fund supports in several African countries, and Animal Programs cast will share the many wildlife conservation projects that they are involved in throughout the world.

If you’re in town, stop by and try some of the Earth Day activities! It’s all about getting kids and families back to nature.

If you’re not, you can still celebrate Earth Day and do a little partying for the planet on your own! Learn more about wildlife and wild places near you. Look into supporting local conservation organizations. Reduce, reuse, recycle, replenish. Go camping in your backyard. Plant a tree, a flower, a bush - they all make great habitats for wildlife. Put out a bird bath or a bat box too and you’re on your way to a certifiable wildlife habitat! “African Cats” opens today, and if you see it during opening week, a portion of your ticket price goes toward saving the savannah in Africa!

Let the Party for the Planet begin! :happy:


Very cool!


I wish I was there!


It was lots of fun! We gave out postcards that families could mail (postage paid by Disney!) with blanks to fill in at each Earth Day activity to share how they Partied for the Planet. We gave out some swag from the “African Cats” movie too - we had buttons and bookmarks where I was stationed (on the Pangani Trail, doing a wildlife tracking activity - from the tracks, it looks like we had some water buffalo and cheetahs come through Pangani!!).

A few guests that I met said they come to DAK every year just for Earth Day. If your WDW trip happens to include April 22 next year, I would recommend visiting DAK! Lots to see and do on Earth Day that you won’t find in the park on any other day!



How crowded was the park in comparison to recent weekends?



How crowded was the park in comparison to recent weekends?[/QUOTE]

It’s Spring Break time, so it’s been crowded the last week or two. DAK has been open till 8 and 9pm (regular hours, not EMH). But Earth Day wasn’t as crowded as it has been, the day after was less crowded, and today was less crowded yet. Park hours are going back to normal by the end of this week.