Happy Haunting at DTD


The kids and I will be trick-or-treating at DTD this year. Anyone planning on attending tomorrow night?

Happy Haunting at Downtown Disney Disney Parks Blog


Sorry Jen. we were going to go to Happy Haunting tonight, but got sidetracked. We will be at MNSSHP tomorrow night. That sounded like fun also. Have a good time.


Have fun at the party! Don’t forget to get your picture taken with some hitchhiking ghosts!


I wish I was at Disney World now. Enjoy!


We had a blast at DTD tonight! It was crowded but it was so much fun. The kids (ok, and me too) came home with a ton a candy and the super festive atmosphere made the crowds tolerable.


No pictures Jen?


My camera battery died just before we left the house :frowning: I really wanted to take a picture of “Happy Haunting” projected on Cirque! I have one photo that Stu took on his cell phone in front of a giant Mickey pumpkin. There were 4 of these air blown pumpkins there.