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Has anyone used Happy Limo? They were recommended under the Mousesavers web site. We have 14 travelers, but only 6 are traveling in my party. We’ve decided to get a limo so we don’t have to break up the group, and the limo will be a surprise for the kids too!


I have not heard anything bad about them, but I haven’t ever used them either. Have you considered Quicksilver? They are a sponcer on this site and have excellent rates and every review I have read has been VERY positive. I am trying them out myself on my upcoming trip. 14 in one limo? Will you all fit in one? How about a van? I agree that the limo would be a great surprise for the kids, but I’m not sure if 14 will go in one limo.

Welcome to DC! I see that you are from my area. I am in South Jersey too.


Dana, thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look at Quick Silver too. We have 14 going to the Hard Rock in November, but only 6 of us are traveling together; we will meet the rest at the hotel. Six definitely can fit in a limo.


Most definately 6 can fit. I misunderstood. I thought you were all traveling together…lol sorry about that. Get a quote from both…can’t hurt to have a few options to pick from.


We used Happy Limo for our trip in June (I also found them from the Mousesavers site). We were extremely pleased with the service. Our flight had been delayed, so we weren’t sure what would happen to our reservation with them. We called when we had our luggage and the driver was there in about 5 min. To our surprise, he showed up with a white stretch limo instead of the towncar we’d reserved. We thought we might not be able to do our scheduled grocery stop because of the flight delay, but our driver loaded all of our stuff and asked which store we preferred to stop at. Our driver was wonderful! He loaded all of our groceries in the rain and held an umbrella over us as we got in the car. He was so friendly and courteous. We were thrilled with the service we got from Happy Limo and thought it was a good value. We’ll definitely use them again! :smile:


We have used Happy Limo two times. We were very pleased with their service. We too arrived late and our driver was more than courteous. The second time we used them I booked a Limo and surprised my wife and kids. They thought we were getting a towncar. My kids felt like movie stars.


Hi everyone,

I feel I have, as a sponsor, to give you all a bit of information, and a way to compare both our companies:

  1. Quicksilver has a flat rate, gratuity not included.
    Happy has a base rate which they will add tolls, Airport surcharge, and a 20% gratuity.

2)Quicksilver has a free 30 minutes stop
Happy only 15 minutes

3)Quicksilver does not charge for car seats and booster seat.
Happy charges $5.00 each way per car seat and booster seat.

4)Quicksilver will meet and greet you in either side of the airport.
Happy will only meet and greet you on the “B” side of the airport.

5)Quicksilver does not charge for late or early pick-ups.
Happy has late and early pick-up fees.

6)Quicksilver offers a free 5 minutes international or 10 minutes domestic phone call.

I just felt you needed to have all the information before deciding which towncar company to use. Always look for hidden fees, and all smaller details that sometimes go by unnoticed. :angel:


Gregory Nicolas.
:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


Here is an excerpt from our trip report in July, 2004.

[I]Day 1
We landed on schedule and meet Leo from Quicksilver Limo service. Leo was friendly enough and gave us ample time at our grocery stop. After finishing up in the grocery store, the Towncar was sitting in front of the liquor store next to the grocer. Leo came out with his brown bag. After putting his “purchase” in the FRONT seat, he helped us load our groceries in the trunk. The kids were able to watch Stitch from the overhead screen. Just a side note, we have used Happy Limo in the past. I switched to Quicksilver a few weeks before our trip because of the great reviews on Disney Central. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was not overly impressed with Quicksilver. More on this when I talk about our return trip.

Day 6
The driver from Quicksilver was right on time and we jumped in the car for our trip to the airport. I said earlier that I would get back to my review of Quicksilver, so here it is. Our first driver was fine, except for the liquor store “purchase”, but our return driver was a little different. His only word to us was “Delta”. That’s it!!! His phone rang several times and each time I could hear someone talking to him and he only said a few inaudible words in Spanish, I think. It was weird. He was on the phone for almost the entire trip. We all felt very uncomfortable. Frankly, I was glad to get out of the car and into the safe arms of airport security. Sad to say, my experience with Quicksilver was not good enough to keep me as a future customer, so I will go back to Happy Limo on my future trips to WDW. Just to add to this, after I canceled my reservation with Happy Limo, they emailed me and offered to match the price of their competitor and give us an upgrade to a stretch limo for our return trip to the airport. This was a very tempting offer, but I kept our new reservation with Quicksilver. In retrospect, I wish I had taken Happy Limo up on their offer. Oh well.[/I]

Price. We saved a whopping $5 by switching to Quicksilver. I did not switch to save money. I switched because of the good reviews I read here on DC. I wanted to give a new guy a chance and compare the services. Next time, it’s “Happy” for me. I realize that Quicksilver is the sponsor of this sight, but I wish to state my opinion as I was not “Happy” with Quicksilver. I realize that not all drivers are the same, but to get two bad experiences on one trip was the breaking point for me. Two roundtrips with “Happy”, and meeting four of their drivers, I had absolutely no complaints.


Hello Jeff,

Well, nothing else to say other than we apologize for your inconvenience. I wished we had known that before so we could take the necessary measures and, of course, offer you a discount on your next visit. But as it seems, it might be too late.

I need to say a couple of things though. Leo, your frist driver, DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL. He is a sportsman and totally against any kind of drinking!!!What he bought was a couple of Red Bulls.
Liquor stores in general do not have any other packages other than brown bags, and they do sell other things other than alcohol…

We urge all drivers not to talk on the phone if it’s not an emergency, or to talk with the dispatchers. Some of our drivers do not speak a perfect English, and a very few, are embarrassed to speak with their stronger accents. I realize English speaking drivers are a plus in any company that deals directly with cutomers, but, as all other companies in Orlando, including Happy, we do not have 100% English speaking drivers. That does not excuse him speaking for a long time on the phone though, and he will be called to the office to discuss this problem.

Was the second driver driving unsafely, I mean in general terms, since I realize he shouldn’t be on the phone?

If you ever change you mind, and wish to give Quicksilver another try to see that this event was an isolated one, I will be happy to offer you a very nice discount on your next trip to Orlando. Again, I apologize. :angel:

My best regards,

Grgeory Nicolas.
:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


Does anyone happen to have any info on Orange Transportation? We have a towncar booked with them for next week, and it’s only $75 round trip to WL. It’s just 2 adults, so no need for booster seats, etc. And I don’t think we will even be using the grocery stop they offer. I just have to wonder why the price is a bit lower than tiffany, quicksilver, happy, and a few other car services I have looked into. Any info would be appreciated.


Orange Trans is a small new company that started advertising in search engines like Google and Yahoo. They are competing now with over 20 local companies, some good, some bad. What you have to look for is if they are fully insured, have any links with the BBB or any association (like the Livery association or Greater Orlando Livery association) so you can trust them at 100%. I never heard anybody around here talking about them, sorry. :wink: