Happy to be envious of my sis


Well, my sis called yesterday to say her family arrived safely. They were setting up their pop-up at FW when she called. I am sooooo excited for her (and an itty-bit jealous). This is their first trip with their kids-ages 9,6, and 4. How magical is that?!


That is magical. I am not a friend of camping, etc. but looking at Fort Wilderness, I could possibly see how this is a wonderful vacation. How long are they staying?


Our first trip with kids was the best! It was magical. :heart:


First trips are the best!!!


Very exciting!


They will be there through the 4th of July. The youngest of the bunch was just thrilled over the WDW busses when they pulled into FW…If he only knew what lies in store for him this trip!..:biggrin:


I hope they have a wonderful first trip.


How fabulous! A first trip for all three kids. Hope it’s wonderful for them.


How wonderful! I hope they have a magical trip!


Sounds like they will have a good trip. I hope they have air conditioning in their pop up. I couldn’t stand the heat!


Sounds great, first trip is fun. The best trip is always the last one though. Or is that the next one?!? Hmmm. At any rate, it has to start with a first trip but one is never enough!! I am sure there will be many more that follow.