Happy to have found mousebuzz site


:wub: just wanted to express how happy i am to have found this website. it makes not being able to be a WDW so much more bearable. you can live vicariously through others, lol. having an outlet to talk to other disney freaks whenever you need to is awesome. my husband is already asking me if i need the 12-step program for mousebuzz anonymous!


Welcome! :flowers:
And I agree - I was also so happy to find this place! I don’t remember how I found it, but I’m sure glad I did! :biggrin: Everyone here is really nice and it’s great to talk about WDW!


Mousebuzz tends to have that effect on people.

We have GOT to stop being so nice. :dry:

:laugh: :tongue:


Good to see that MouseBuzz is providing that vicarious validation!!

Glad to know you are feeling welcome!

Some of us go to Disneyland, too.

It’s out there, over past them Mountains… :laugh:


lol, yes experiment626, i know y’all are over the mountains. but i’m an east coast kinda girl. im afraid of those mountains, could be a yeti in there somewhere, hee hee hee.:eek:


happy you found Mousebuzz too …looking forward to you becoming a real member of our family


Welcome to Mousebuzz! :mickey: I’m happy you found this site too.


Welcome!!! You’ll soon be as addicted to this site as you are to Disney!


My DH suggested a 12 step program for me at first as well. Now he plays on the MB fantasy football team and whants to know who will be at WDW when we go in October, lol.


welcome floridaorange! Anyone who loves Disney and has NINE cats is OK in my book!


Well we are glad you’ve found it too! :happy: We are always happy to add more Disney addicts to our ranks!!


Welcome to Mousebuzz-the perfect fix for Disney addicts!


Yes, we really have to.:glare: Welcome, and honestly that’s what makes Mousebuzz so special - it just seems to attract people who enjoy talking Disney and enjoy talking to each other. You don’t get the confrontations of other sites. I’ve read a few Disney sites that scare me. People fighting constantly. Here we’re like a family - we have our moments - but we always know when enough’s enough.

We DID have a 12 Step Program, but it failed. No one wanted to be cured.


I am glad you found MB too. We do have a lot of fun here. And like Llama said, hardly any confrontations like you find them on other forums. It is a really nice place to spend time.


Welcome!!! Have fun exploring our site!


I’m glad you’re here!! You seem super cool!!! I hope you get back down to WDW, very sooN!


Welcome to MouseBuzz! :mickey:


Welcome to mousebuzz. I am so glad that you found us too and hope that you find everything that you are looking for here. WElcome.:heart:


Yes, you will find that surfing around this site makes Disney seem all the closer…although it will make you yearn for your next trip all the more too! Have fun!!!