Happy Video


Has anyone posted this before. I love random family wdw videos. :wub:

Disney World Family Video - YouTube


Thanks for posting this! I can’t get enough of these videos:)


Excellent video. Nothing like helping to count down the days until your next visit.


Awww! :happy: Those kids are too cute!!!


They really are so cute! I just love the way the little girl gives big hugs to the characters:wub:


SO CUTE!!! Made me chuckle, made me well up, made me smile. Great TR!!!


Especially the Beast :laugh: loved the musical addition on that one!


That is a great video! I’m under two weeks out from our trip and watching this gets me excited about getting there:biggrin:


thanks so much for posting it made me smile so much- small Disney fix before we arrive in 19 days :wub:


Thanks so much for posting! I posted to FB too, for all the WDW lovers in my family to view!


I love watching kids interact with the characters. I can hardly wait till we get our AP’s dealt with, so we can start doing our day trips again.