Harmony Barbour Shop - girls hair


Has anyone had a girl’s hairdo at Harmony Barbour Shop? The pictures look cute!


Jen’s taken her girls there for the colored gel/pixie dust glitter do and had some positive reviews on it. I think she’s on her cruise right now, maybe she’ll be around to comment when she returns.


I do know they no longer have to colored gel. Two different barbers have told us the company they got the gel from quit making it. They do have pixie dust but its now either all gold or gold and sliver (at least it was when we were there last week) it’s no longer multi colored and there are no more Mickey heads mixed in.


Thanks! I’ll try to remember to bump the thread when she gets back.


Aww, that stinks! I am not that big on the gel, but I loved the pictures of the multicolored pixie dust!! Thanks for the update!


Any changes with the hair gel?


when we were there in June, someone came in asking for it and they said they didn’t have it anymore:(


The gel is no more, but they do a little girl’s first haircut that is so cute!


While dh was getting a haircut, another CM called me over near her chair and sprinkled Pixie Dust on my hair. It was a whole bunch of glitter/sparkles. She then sprayed a little hairspray to make it stay in my hair. I was on cloud nine the whole day!!!


Oh I would love that…:happy:


My daughter is growing her hair out for Locks for Love but we are 2 inches shy of the goal. Maybe once she reaches her goal we can swing a Disney day trip and a trip to Harmony to make the moment even more memorable.


…I guess it’s a stretch to think that they would participate in Locks for Love? It’s such a wonderful program. :heart:


Ohhhhh to be able to “swing by Disney” for a day trip! I’m so jealous of you Floridians!!!


Lol, we are 4 hours away from WDW. So its not a quick drive, but I have really enjoyed my AP gift this year. Sadly it is coming to an end.


This makes me sad! :frown: