Harry Potter Inspired Merchandise?


Someone recently posted that they had noticed a lot of Harry Potter scarves in the parks during this cold season which had me thinking when I happened upon Josh Siegel’s 1/30/11 Downtown Disney Photo Report and I saw a few things that had me a little puzzled.

You can view his whole report here if you wish:

Josh Siegel’s 1/30/11 Downtown Disney Photo Report | WDW News Today

(I feel bad referencing his report without linking his article)

First of all, he had a few pictures of the temporary LEGO store next to Once Upon a Toy. I could hardly believe I was seeing this:

After thinking a little bit, I realized this was offered for sale in the LEGO store. Initially, when I saw that picture, I had to make sure I was viewing a Disney Photo Report.

Secondly, his photo report brought up some questions I had about some Disney merchandise that I saw in person on my last trip. The merchandise in question is 40th Anniversary clothing, however, the style chosen is interesting. Here is what I am referencing:

It could be just me, but does some of this apparel seem Potter/Quidditch inspired? While on our last trip, we spotted some of this in stores, and DH who isn’t a huge Potter buff even commented, “Doesn’t this look a little Potter-ish to you?” I think so, but I would like to hear some other opinions. Perhaps you see it in a different light. I wasn’t around 40 years ago, and maybe this is close to what was popular then.


I think it is Potter-ish, but Disney, like any other retailer is going to go with the trend that sells and right now that’s going to be Harry Potter. It has the obvious Mickey elements though.


Love the Mickey elements. I would be interested to know how well it is selling. These are things I suppose we will never know.


I love that gray jacket. My sister almost bought it when we were there a few weeks ago. We both commented on how it looked Potterish.