Harry potter ride


My kids (and I) think Disneyland should have a Harry Potter ride, who agrees? :rolleyes:


I agree, except it should be at Disney World.

The movies have played on ABC, so perhaps Disney will buy the rights.


I think MGM would be the appropriate place for an attraction based on these movies. Put me down for WDW as well. :tongue:


Me, too. Disney Studios would be the place for it!


Count me in - where’s the line? LOL!!!


That would be WAY cool! DW and I remember hearing a rumor that Disney HAD purchased the rights. I don’t remember WHERE we heard it, but I am certain we did. It would make sense, as we also heard that Harry Potter is one of their biggest competitors!


I thought that Warner Brothers owned it?

Anyways…after seeing the 3rd movie I always thought that the “Knight bus” would make a cool ride


I posted this very same thing to WDWMagic’s News and Rumors forum http://www.wdwmagic.com http://forums.wdwmagic.com , since there have been rumors of a Harry Potter ride or attraction for WDW, either at Disney-MGM or EPCOT’s World Showcase United Kingdom; asking if this an actual planned attraction or just a rumor? Also, what will it be like if it was true?

Although unconfirmed, the general consensis I got in the numerous replies (now already on 5 pages of replies!) was that this was a rumor. But then, no one knows for sure! I do know that J.K. Rowling demands a LOT of her input and say-so about what would go into a Harry Potter themed ride and/or attraction, and whether Disney would work this out to her wishes remains to be seen!

Just thought you’d like to know! :wink:


I forgot to mention that several WDI Imagineers have denied this rumor about a Harry Potter ride/attraction. But then, that doesn’t mean that this will never happen, or an impossibility! :wink:


That would be sooooo cool!!!


Love to see a Harry Potter ride maybe around the flying car theme


Inclined to agree with KentB3 here. I think the degree of control that AK would demand would be a potential deal breaker.

Nice idea but I think there’s still a wealth of Disney’s own features that can be drawn on first before Harry Potter enters the arena.


I would love to see this. I agree that it would be better at MGM Studios in WDW. This could be a great ride.


J.K. Rowling should be consult and help plan out much of the ride, so everything would work out to her wishes! This was done to a great extent with the Harry Potter movies.


Apologies for the typo error. I did of course mean JK and not AK.

Anyway that said…just supposing Disney did introduce a Harry Potter themed attraction then what would you like it to be ? A thrill ride along the lines of Indiana Jones in DL ? A child-friendly ride like Peter Pan ? A walk through ? Or perhaps something more innoventive ?


glad you asked, we were thinking something along the line of the old ET ride at Universal mixed with the snow white ride. A little scary but fun.


I know what you mean. That sounds pretty good to me.

Maybe instead of E.T cycles we could be on broomsticks flying over Hogwarts…or in that car zooming over the English countryside with steam trains puffing over viaducts below us.

A few nice scary-ish elements could be introduced along the way to spice it up a little.

I have to admit to not being one of Harry’s greatest fans but agree with you that there is a lot of potential here for a really fine addition to WDW ( MGM perhaps being the best option ).

Nice thread. Thank you for starting it.


you are welcome. and as far as the ride thatis exactly what i was thinking, the broomsticks. I think it would be great. Have you read the Harry Potter books, I was not a huge fan either, but once I started reading the books (to my kids at first) I loved them. and I have been a fan ever since. I have found that a lot of people that love Disney also love Harry potter (and star wars, but that is another thread altogether) :flowers:


I agree 100%. I saw an interview with the author of the books. She was approached by Disney to make her movies, but she turned them down. As you know, she went with WB. While WB is doing a FANTASTIC job, I would have loved to seen the books come to life under the Disney logo.


yes that would have been great, Disney could have really pulled that off, after pirates I think they can really do anything.