Harry Potter World at Universal Studios-2009


Has anyone heard anything about Harry Potter’s World in Universal Studies for 2009? If you have been to Universal Studios did you see in signs of them promoting this? I saw an article about it and my kids are foaming at the mouth to go to Disney and Universal’s Potter World next Thanksgiving.


There is some artwork and a short promo floating around the internet. Maybe if you try youtube you can come up with something. I don’t have time right now to go looking. But it did look sooooooo good. I would love to experience it :smile:


Here’s a link and there are so many more. Have fun looking them all up :wink:

Universal Orlando Resort Media Site - Press Release - Harry Potter


I sure hope it turns out to be a hit. I love HP and would actually make the trip to US to see it.


If it turns out to be anything like the art-work I will fall in love with the place and will definalty make a point of going back that year just to check it out! I just hope they do the HP world justice…unlike recent films :confused:


We were at Universal a couple of weeks ago, and they haven’t got anything advertising yet at all. But it sure looks exciting. I can’t wait to see it!

They are turning the Back to the Future ride into The Simpson’s ride though. Suppose to be a “mad chase through Springfield - doh!”


I checked the website, it does look good. I hope they do something similar to MagiQuest (like in Myrtle Beach, SC) where you can buy a wand and use it to move objects, collect items, fight dragons while going on different scavenger hunts. That would make it truly magical…


I’m surprised there’ nothing advertising it yet llama. The word of mouth on this is already huge.

Maybe in late October when we go there will be something. I’ll report back. I’m going again in December too.


well…since we can’t go back until 2009, maybe we can work this into the plans!! DH even asked me about HP world this week…he’d love it!!


Although we are Disney fanatics, we are definitely excited about visiting Universal when HP opens…

Hopefully US does HP justice and doesnt go the cheap route as they have done before on other JV’s