Has any has problems getting into the DVC site?


For the last two days, I can’t get into my account. My name and password is saved on my laptop, so I just click “log in” and go. But not now. I’ve done the “forgot name and password” links but still no go. I tried restarting my laptop but it didn’t do any good. I will call MS today, but just wondering if it’s just me.


Your check must have bounced. :laugh:

I’ve been in with no problems.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;998797]Your check must have bounced. :laugh:

I’ve been in with no problems.[/QUOTE]

Checks??? you mean the money we paid upfront, that’s not it for the next 50 yrs???:eek::eek:

rats, thought it was too good to be true.

Or maybe this is their hint that I call too much.:laugh:

So I guess I’ll call and see what’s what.


No problem on my end.


No problems here!


I just called and MS said to try to remove cookies…ummmm, oh sure, brain surgery and rocket science is next on my list. She tried to help me, but I said I’ll get my son to help.






Jo Jo, if your son is not able to assist you, send me a PM and I will walk you through it


Thanks. My son asked if I had tried the other computer so I did and it still didn’t let me in. But I tried “forgot my password” and it sent me an email with a password of lkdsafjakshgoiureoihgfhjo;iutghjfoiuogha;ljfeiotohag. I used it, got into the site, change my password to my old one. Then tried the laptop again, used the same password I was using the last 72 times I tried and it worked. So once again, it seems I had a trip to the twilight zone. Don’t know why it happened, but it works now.


Weird, it’s happened to me before and I never know why. Probably not a site wide thing though 'cause I just tried to sign on and it was fine.