Has any one done The Wanyama Safari


Hi everyone this is my first Thread question so here goes…

Has anyone done the The Wanyama Safari at AK?

I would like to know how much it costs (i have been told around $200)

also is it worth it and how long does it last?

and can you get Safari if your not staying at AKL??:AK:

Many thanks :heart: :heart:


I have never done it, but want to! I believe you must be staying at the AKL. But I’am not sure.


Never done it so can’t help but sounds great!! ( Congrats on first thread Jim heres to many many more)


Nope, but I found a review of it, if you are interested.

WANYAMA SAFARI Review • Animal Kingdom Lodge

Here is info about pricing, and pics.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Sunset Safari - Concierge Offering


I’ve only ever seen it on the Travel Channel . . . and it looks WONDERFUL! It was my understanding it was for guest at AKL . . . but I could be wrong!

I’m sure someone here has an answer or it’s in Daisee’s post!

If you go . . . don’t forget to START ANOTHER THREAD with your TR and lots of pictures! :wub:


thanks everyone for your help:heart:
The reviews were interesting- thanks Daisee for that:wub:
Unfortunately we don’t get all the same travel channel in the uk but i will look for it on youtube so thanks for that Mickeygirlz:wub:


I saw this when I did a search!

The Wanyama Safari
Where: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
For a unique adventure, Samantha chose Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge as her favorite place to stay at Walt Disney World. Her favorite thing to do at the lodge is go on the Wanyama Safari, which is open only to guests of the resort. Some travelers will spend just one night at Animal Kingdom Lodge to experience this two-hour adventure.

Well there is the answer!


I love watching Samantha Brown on the travel channel (On youtube) I have just seen this on her top 10 things to do in Disney. I can’t find anything else on youtube relevant to this. I would love to know from a mousebuzzer what they think of the Safari


I found this:

WANYAMA SAFARI Review • Animal Kingdom Lodge

and this:

Animal Kingdom Lodge Sunset Safari - Concierge Offering

and finally this:

Sunset Safari

Look FANTASTIC . . . you should go! :wub:


I agree with you Mickeygirlz it does look fantastic, thanks for the links.

Although it does seem a little expensive. if you compare it to something like a full day in discovery cove.

It’s also a shame that you have to stay at AKL to allow you to go on this experiance.


I believe it’s concierge level guest only.


If you ever see the Travel Channel show . . . really it is JUST the safari 'cept they don’t do all the pretend Disney stuff . . . instead you drink coffee as they drive slowly through at sunrise (so you have to be up early) and there is a CM that rides in the back of the truck answer questions and telling insider bits! (Like I said I haven’t been on it, someone might tell you different, but this is what I gather from the show I saw, if I remember correctly!) :blush:

SO . . . IMHO . . . make rope drop at AK . . . go on the FIRST safari of the day, sit close to the driver . . . while their not doing his/her script, ask questions . . . I’ve done this before and they’ve always been more then happy to answer any questions! In the am the animals are all up and about, eating and wondering around so it is a perfect time to go . . . and you pay NO EXTRA money for it!! :happy: Which is a PLUS!

It did mention in one of the post, that some people do spend just one night at AKL just so they can do the safari . . . so that’s a option!


Excuse my ignorance but what is “concierge level” as I have never heard of this before, I did read it it the review but :blush: :blush: No idea:eek:


In a hotel, it is a separate floor providing a higher level of service and security for a premium price. Disney Deluxe resorts offer this service. For instance, they have a concierge lounge, that has a keyed entrance. 24 hrs. a day there are food and drink items available. They provide turn down service at night, etc. You can also go to the concierge desk to get help with ADR reservations, etc.


:eek: WOW!:ohmy: That sounds to expensive for a hard working man like me.:sad: :sad: Although it would have been nice.
Now It will just have to go on my wish list.

Thank for everyone for your help:heart: