Has anybody heard anything about IllumiNations being replaced?


A few months ago, I caught a whiff of some rumblings that IllumiNations:Reflections of Earth will be replaced with a new show next year. The sources seemed reliable at the time. Also, with Epcot’s 10th birthday next year coupled with IllumiNations running since 2000, there’s a big excuse for a new show. Has anybody out there heard anything about this? Does anyone have any clues if and when this will happen?


This is the first I have heard of it, but it does makes sense with the anniversary coming up.


I hope the Illuminations music is on our CD… I better go check. I would be so sad to never hear that music again!


There’s an IllumiNations soundtrack CD that also includes the complete Tapestry of Nations. What you can’t get is the “world” music they play before IllumiNations.
I think I caught wind of this change over at The DIS or possibly Visions Fantastic.


where can you get that CD? do they still sell it in the parks?


Yes, and the pre-show music can be found online by doing a search.

It’s Epcot’s 25th as of October 2007 BTW! I anticipate a celebration to commence just after The Year of a Million Dreams wraps up at the end of 2007.


thank you…


Hope so.

The “we’re gathered around the fire…” is getting old.


I have heard they are working on a new production, but am not sure when it will come. It is inevitable to replace the current one someday, even though I think everyone will be so upset to see it go. I remember reading a while back about a new show called “Sky Dance”. The company that worked on the Earth globe for the current show list it as a current project, and there a re some cool pisc on their site too of IllumiNations. Go to:
DPI Home Page

The guy is pretty helpful too if you try emailing him!



EPCOT’s turning 10? You sure about that? :mellow: haha


I was listening to the opening music for IllumiNations last night on my jog.

I think EPCOT was opened in 1982…Oct 2nd if I’m correct.


that is a pretty cool site. they do a lot for disney…