Has anybody seen these shirts?


I have seen people posting pictures of these shirts on websites but I was wondering if anyone has actually seen them at WDW??


I have seen them
right here in this post

Your welcome


I think that top set are homemade.


I am pretty sure I have seen the Beauty one…but not the Beast. Top ones are cute, but I think they are homemade.


The top pair certainly aren’t Disney official issue.
Starting with the brand of shirt, Anvil, there are plenty of hints that these were custom made for their owners at a tee shirt shop.


Disney or not they are wicked!


oooo they are so cute! I might have to pick up that Beauty one next trip!


Definitely saw Beauty and the Beast in January when we were in WDW. Not the Soul Mate though.


You can find the Beauty and the Beast ones in the Villians Shop in HS - this I know for sure…


I did a SUPER quick run through of the shops this weekend and didn’t notice them. That doesn’t mean anything of course because I only went in about 12 shops out of hundreds.:ohmy: