Has anybody tried


Has anybody tried Wolfgang Puck’s Express restaurant in the downtown area? It’s kind of new isn’t it? Menu looks pretty good? Any info? Thank you kindly!


We usually eat lunch there at least once every trip and I love the rotiseree chicken and mashed potatoes there :smile:. DH had a great Caesar Salad there in August too. We :heart: it. Oooo, and the PIZZAS!!! :wub:


We LOVE that place. The salads are fantastic - especially the Salad Chinois. And the quesadillas - YUM. And like Wish said: THE PIZZA! It’s definitely a great break from burgers, etc. Very high-quality food. Actually, between it and the Earl of Sandwich, the Marketplace is a great, economical place to eat.


We really like the garlic mashed potatoes there! Haven’t eaten there in a couple of years, but we still remember those potatoes!


AMEN! :tongue:


We ate there once and loved it! It was really good food and the price was right! :biggrin: We plan on eating there on our next trip!


We stumbled in there once a few years ago and were totally discusted. It was absolutely filthy in there. The food looked like it had been there for a long while and wasn’t fresh anymore. It was in the evening but they weren’t closing for the day. We were invited inside, rather urgently, for lack of better word, and the tables weren’t cleared off or cleaned. It was a mess and we opted to go somewhere else.
It was actually the only disappointment we’ve ever had with a restaurant at WDW, knock on wood.

It sounds as though most people here have had good food there - so maybe things were just out of sorts for that day.


We had a great meal and Wolfgang Pucks Express. Great food and fun place


Haven’t tried it yet, but (threadjacking here) look at the cub’s new avatar!! :slight_smile: Another friendly face!


Franco, if you want to try it out ahead of time, I think they recently opened one up at the Museum of Science in Boston. That is DSs favorite place in the city. If you go check out the Star Wars exhibit (you may need advance tickets). I don’t even like Star Wars, and I thought it was great!


Great… The BBQ chicken and mashed are the best…


My friends and I stumbled in there a couple of years ago on our trip and had a great lunch. I had a yummy salad, a few of my friends had some mac and cheese which they LOVED. We really enjoyed the food there and were totally surprised. I would eat there again for sure!


We make it a point to go every year for lunch. DS loves the Pizza, I try a new Sand. every year. I would recommend it highly!