Has anyone been on the Discover the Magic Tour Recently?


I just started researching the Discover the Magic tour as an option for our next trip, but from what I can tell the tour has been significantly downgraded from what it was originally.

When it first started they provided lunch and a few props for the guests to wear as you went around the park. Now, as far as I can tell, you don’t get anything except a pin and a drink in a souvenir cup.

It also seems as if the actual tour itself has changed. Do you still meet with several characters and villains as you go around? What rides do you ride?

I guess I’m looking for some pretty detailed information. I’d like someone to tell me if it’s actually worth 50.00 a piece to take the tour. My kids love Disneyland and it would be fun for them to have something new for them to do this time around.


I have not been on it recently, I did it a while back just to see what it was like, It was fun, everything that the CM told us I already knew, but it was still fun to do. But I don’t know what its like now. I wouldn’t do it again though.


It has a limited run I think. Until 2011.