Has anyone been successful?


I have been trying to price out packages for next summer. Has anyone been able to get prices online yet? I am not booking yet. I am just trying to get an idea of what is what and which resort would be the best choice $$ wise. Are they (WDW) still only taking reservations for then over the phone?


I was able to put a package together for my parents for next Sept. We are all possibly considering going together. They want to stay in a cabin at FW. But I got a quote for room and tickets.


Are you going to WDW next summer, Dana? You don’t usually go in the summer so I’m a little surprised.


Yes, I think I am. I have been debating whether or not taking sara out of school will be wise next year. It’s 8th grade and her grades matter…they start to go on her permedant record then. I have to think some more, but think that I am going from 8/22-8/31 next summer. It will be a nice long trip and we will do universal and sea world. I have to get one more big one in before she starts high school. I don’t know how many more I will be able to afford after I get those big tuition bills…lol

Tinklemom -
Did you just book this? I was online yesterday and was not able to process a package for the summer of 07…I wonder if it was a computer glitch??? I will try again later on tonight. I was to go the day value season starts and hopefully get that free dining if it comes out again next summer. Thanks for the information.


NEXT SUMMER!!!:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:

I am just… speechless…:blink:


I was hoping you were thinking about late July or late May–I would love to meet up with you and those are the only two times we can ever go with my DH’s schedule.


I was too!!


I can’t go in July. Sara swims until the first weekend in August. Then she goes the shore with my mom for a week or so after. It’s the third or last week of august or nothing at all for me. May is a possibility, but that would mean me taking her out of school twice in one year, so that isn’t the greatest scenerio either. I would have loved to have finally met you steph. Feels like we have known each other forever on here.:heart:


yeah yeah…I know. I hate the summer at WDW, but it’s that or nothing I’m afraid. If Sara bounces back real quick after this upcoming trip, I may do the same week of october next year too. We will have to see how she makes out though.


:laugh: :laugh: I"m speechless that you haven’t gone for THIS YEAR’S trip yet - and you’re already planning NEXT YEAR! You are so funny…


ohhh:blush: well you know me…always ahead of the game. I have no planning left to do on this one, so I have to start creating a new trip…lol


I’ll send you all my details. You can plan mine.:laugh: I ALMOST found the ponchos this weekend…


LOL we are so alike. I was already thinking through our 2007 trip before we took our May trip. Right now I’m planning on the end of May but that will depend on snow days again this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a mild winter again.


You are to much! Don’t tease me like that. You know I would plan yours to death if you let me…lol I am trying to get my assistant to let me plan hers…I planned her mother’s last summer…lol


I didn’t actually book it yet. I fooled around with dates and different packages and it gave me price quotes. I was having some trouble with their web site yesterday. I had to keep going out and starting over. It kept freezing up on me. We haven’t made specific plans yet. Still have to see what Mom & Step Dad want to do.


Both yesterday and today I was pricing out my trip online for April with no problem. I never went so far as to book it but I kept changing things and adding tickets, etc. with no problem.


Dana, I priced packages/hotels on Disney’s site last nite for DECEMBER 2007 and I got some good rates!!! :smile:
Iam planning a secret Birthday trip for DD and I, for 5nites and I got some good rates… Check this out Contemp Tower MK View with just park hopper and dining $2681.06 for DD and I. Then the Poly a Garden view room, same package $2309.81… I asked my DD if price wasn’t an issue which hotel she would pick and she said the Poly!!! :biggrin:

Ohh and I plan on booking my next trip before I go in November! :laugh:


I went playing on the official site last night and was able to get pricing this time. Look like I am going to go for either 8 or 9 nights at AKL the last week of august…this is subject to change of course. I have to decide…lol

Val -
I ws able to get some decent prices but didn’t commit to anything yet. I am lookin at 8 nights at AKL (savannah room), 8 day hoppers, meal plan…for $3,700ish…sounds like a plan to me.


That’s not bad at all! Is it just you and Sara this time?
8nites at the AKL??? Sounds like HEAVEN!!! :angel:

I think Iam going to book too but I may need to hold out until Jan to book becaus it’s Disney month at AAA and they always give gifts to anyone that books!
I may just have to wait until Jan.2nd, lol…

I also wanted to go a few nites end of April so our next trip wouldnt seem so far away…

Yup! I need help! :wacko: lol :laugh:
I need another job to pay for all these Disney trips! hehe


Dana~ I was able to book Sept 28 Oct7 2007 online on Sunday. The prices were a little crazy but Its 10days worth of tickets dining and room.