Has anyone been to a Disney Store recently?


If you have, can you tell me if they have backpacks and lunchboxes on sale? I need to get my youngest a new lunchbox, and she saw an Ariel one online she really likes, and it’s only $5.99! I can get an additional 15% off of that with a Disney Visa discount code I received via email. However, the shipping and handling is nearly $9.00!! :eek: I hate to pay more to get it delivered to my house than I pay for the item itself. :glare: I’d just as soon make a trip to the mall to buy one, but I don’t want to make the trip with 3 kids in tow just to find out that there aren’t any good sales.


I didn’t notice any items in particular, but I did see that just about EVERYTHING in the store was seriously marked down. The place was packed, and it was a really fun crowd. The prices were really low.


I called my store last week to see if it was closing, but they said no, they were not closing. They said they had a sale going, but just on back to school items, like Lunch Boxes and Backpacks. I say, call the store, see if they have JUST what you want, then go.

My luck, I would go and hate all the lunchboxes and backpacks!:ohmy:


I was there last thursday at the one store left in CT and they had a ton of backpacks ($12.99 and lunch boxes ($5.99) on sale! I certainly would not pay more for the shipping and handling that I did for the actual item. I have three kids myself and know what a pain it is to run all over carnation just to find an item. I wish I knew last week, I would have picked one up for you and mailed it! I don’t know when I will get back there!


That sounds like the sale that’s online–lunchboxes $5.99! Yay! Thanks!

Cowanfamily–good idea to call the store. I don’t why I didn’t think to just do that! :huh:Duh! Am I a dunce or what?!:blush::laugh::laugh:


Maybe the beach towels that I like will be on sale too! We really DO NOT need any more beach towels, but they had some cute ones this summer that I think the kids would like.


Beach towels were definitely on sale… I did notice that.


I was at our Disney Store yesterday and they had the backpacks and lunchboxes still on sale at $12.99 and $5.99 and they had tons. My mom and I were even finding WDW park merchandise in the clearance racks. I would go and see what deals you can find!


I am stopping at the Disney Store on my way home in about 2hours


The prices for the lunch boxes and book bags were the same as above in the store I go to. Very reasonable compared to Target prices.


You should call the store, I am sure they’d be willing to tell you if specific items were on sale!


I thought the prices were pretty reasonable in comparison to Target too. I just looked at the lunchboxes in Target yesterday, and the one my youngest liked was $13.00! :ohmy: I think that’s crazy! I mean, it was very cute, and it would have matched her backpack very well, but it’s a lunchbox for crying out loud! I think DH, the kids and I might have to make a trip to the mall tomorrow night. :happy:


I was at the Disney Store earlier this evening, and indeed the princess lunch boxes were on sale for $5.99!! They are really cute!
Hey Missy, you are only about 3 hours SW of me, come on up and we’ll go lunch box shopping!:blink::laugh:


Really? Where do you live? The only NC Disney store I know of is at Concord Mills.


We are in Raleigh. There is a Disney store at Crabtree Valley Mall. And, it fortunately isn’t on the chopping block!! We are very happy!


I didn’t realize you were in Raleigh! Very cool!! Are you a native North Carolinian?

I don’t remember Crabtree having a Disney Store, but DH just reminded me that we haven’t been there for several years. I love that mall! Maybe that’s an excuse to shop in Raleigh! :blush::laugh: I might even have to stop at Streets of Southpoint!