Has anyone been to an "AP only" event?


I was reading on another board that someone gave up an ADR at Le Cellier for an AP only party at AK. What are these events like?


We actually gave up an ADR at Whispering Canyon Cafe (switched it really) to go to an AP event at AK for the Jungle Book release! You have to pre-register to go but they will have some rides open and special characters out too! Like Mogli and some others that are rarely seen!

They are holding it on Sep 29th from 5-7 after AK closes to the public!


Has no one done this? Or is this a new perk for AP holders?


EE sneak peak was DVC Member/AP. Still a lot of people but we got to ride before the meer mortal guest. :biggrin:


I believe they are having a re-opening for haunted mansion at special times for AP holders also


They had a “passholder’s preview” for Monsters Inc., but I threw the quotation marks around because the attraction was already opened to the general public and the “passholder preview” amounted to the fast pass lane. I did the AP preview for EE, but wasn’t able to get there before Saturday, with the rest of the passholders in Florida instead of Thursday, when most people would have been at work. For the EE preview we were all given commemorative lanyards and a special pin.


You are right, I just read about it in my Mickey Moniter!:mickey:


Five years ago, I went to an AP only MVMCP. It was like a week sooner than they normally started MVMCP. But other than that, I think it was the same as the normal MVMCP. Only everyone there was an AP holder.


So it sounds like this after hours party is something different. I have heard of the AP preview for certain rides. Thanks


I went to the AP only event for the opening of the Chester and Hester Dinorama. That was horribly crowded and the way they handled it was terrible. I’ve also been to AP previews of the Osbourne Lights(wonderful) and the AP previews of Mission Space,Nemo ride and the Monsters attraction.


I did Nemo preview as a DVC member.I have an AP but never get to use the perks!!


I can’t believe how bad timing can be sometimes. We’ll be going home after 7 days on the 27th and it makes no sense at all to drive back up on the 29th for the release party or to stay the extra two days in WDW for the party either.
Oh well.

This is the Jungle Book 40th Anniversary Edition release party on Sept. 29.


The release party is all full up anyway.