Has anyone been to the Mother's Day Brunch at Epcot?


I was thinking of taking my Mom to the Flower and Garden Show at Epcot for Mother’s Day. I went last year on Mother’s Day and it was AWESOME! I know last year they were offering a brunch, and I was wondering if anyone has gone to it and if it’s worth the cost?

Thanks in advance. :mickey:


I can’t help you with your question but I am sure it would be something worth doing.Let us know if you do decide to do it and in the meantime I am sure there will be somone on here who can help you out.


I heard they weren’t offering the brunch this year.


Ooooh Take me! Take me! I wouldn’t even care about brunch. I’ve been dying to see the Flower and Garden Show.

(sorry - to answer your question - I don’t know…)


YOU ARE CORRECT!!! :sad: I just got off the phone making the ressies and NO BRUNCH This year!!! OH well! (darn economy!)

BUT, got me a Preferred Pirate Room! :tongue: so I’m still happy. Plus the flower and garden show PLUS got the dining I wanted . . . all is good!! :smile:

Thanks for all the input everyone!! :flowers: