Has anyone been to the Turf Club recently?


We will be in WDW for two days before our “Fantasy” cruise in July, staying at SSR. On July 4th we will be having a ‘no parks’ day & plan on chillin’ at DtD and at our resort. My DH asked if we could try Turf Club for our 4th of July dinner because we haven’t eaten there in about 6 years. Has anyone been there in the past couple of months, is it good still? Last time we went I remember having a great steak and I think Daniel had a good seafood dish but like I said, it’s been years.



I was there last year…Sept. - and it was very good. Very, very good. We deemed it our best meal of the trip. I had the prime rib and it was perfectly medium-rare. I actually even remember that it was served with broccolini and how delicious it was. I don’t usually eat desserts, but I had the cheesecake. I don’t know how they made this cake, but it was the lightest, creamiest cheesecake I’ve ever had - and I’m usually pretty critical of cheesecake. It was a beautiful night so we ate on the verandah. Our server was the nicest lady - just a great meal, in a beautiful setting.


Tell me about how hard it is to get an ADR at the last minute there… Would you try it?


Not hard at all. Definitely try. Remember, it’s one of those “sleeper” restaurants that the casual Disney guest wouldn’t even know about.


We were also there in September and it was fantastic! I can’t remember what all we had, but there were 6 of us and we all enjoyed our meals!


I have a slightly different take,while nice it was very ordinary…no disappointments but no surprises ,a little on the safe side…and atmosphere is nothing special…and no real signature dishes…but that’s me


I have never been but am always wanting to try new places!


I agree with you that it certainly isn’t a “unique” restaurant, food-wise, but what it does do, it does well, which is what is most important me. I’ve been disappointed by “signature” restaurants so many times, that I’ve come to appreciate simple food cooked perfectly, more than “signature” dishes cooked poorly, or leaving you saying “what the heck is this?” (The beet caviar at the California Grill is forever stamped on my memory). I like the atmosphere. It feels comfortable and clubby, the noise level is low and the wait staff pleasant. After the craziness of the Parks it’s a nice respite.


I agree,it is a safe not over the top restaurant,with a very simple menu…we have eaten there ocassionaly,and have never walked away disappointed,just very low keyed and safe.The California grill menu has never appealed to me,period.


Yeah, I think our plan for the day is going to be relaxing at SSR, shopping at DtD, dinner at Turf Club, then bowling at Splitsville.


Yes, I was just there in January - AMAZING! Loved it


Dh and I just ate there in January. Service and food were great. Had a wonderful evening there. You should try it.


I agree 100%. Sometimes during a week of dragging yourself through all the crowds and lines and a fair amount of meals in noisy dining rooms, all you really want is a nice quiet spot to enjoy good food. Turf Club definitely fits the bill, especially on a “relaxing” day.


That is exactly the 3 times we have frequented the turf club…because of that…what was troubling is we used to go more often for lunch but they are no longer open for lunch anymore…and the last time we were there a good part of their business was Disney employees for meetings and the like


It is off the beaten path for most vacationers, so it’s a nice little hidden gem that is truly convenient only for those who are at SSR or those who don’t mind a little trek before dinner.

We ate there last year, and it was fine! Not earth-shattering like CG or something, but nice room, great service and good food.