Has anyone been to?


Has anyone ever been to Night Of Joy at the MK? I would love to go one year.I missed this year,but can shoot for next year. I would like to hear from some of you that might have gone in the past.Is it really good?


I haven’t been but I know there are some threads on here about it. It sounds very nice.


We haven’t “been” technically…:laugh:…because we didn’t get tickets in time. But we were swimming the pool at the Poly in 2002 and could hear tons of the music floating across the lagoon. It sounded like such a blast, we were really kicking ourselves for not getting tickets! :pinch:

I really want to go some year!


There’s an article over at the dis on NoJ and how terribly overcrowded it is. According to the article, they WAY oversell it, making it less than enjoyable for many of the attendees. You may want to check it out some more.


Llama almost went :wink:


Hee! That’s exactly what I was going to say! :laugh:


I was going to say that too!


I went both nights this year,and have gone since 2004. This year it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too crowded. I think they sell too many tickets for the size of the MK. I wish they had the event at MGM,where they have 4 large sit-down theaters(Indiana Jones,Stunt Cars,Beauty and Fantasmic),so everyone could have a seat,and there wouldn’t be pushing and shoving to get a good location or vantage point. On Saturday night,I arrived at the Galaxy Palace Theater at 8:45 for the 10:30 Jeremy Camp show,and there were people already waiting on line for him!!! The night before,I tried to get into the theater to see The David Crowder Band. I arrived 5 minutes after they opened up the seating and i couldn’t get a seat!!! If I hadn’t already stood up for an hour to hear(not see) Casting Crowns at the Cinderella stage,I might have stood up to hear DCB,but I was already way too tired to stand up for another hour,so I went to see Building 429 at the Fantasyland Stage. I think unless you are staying on-site,you shouldn’t attempt to go to both nights,because I had to drive home Friday night,getting home at 1:30,only to turn around the next day to go with my parish’s youth group and return home at 2:00.(Thanking God I didn’t have to drive!!) Yes,NOJ is really good,but you should be prepared for horrendeous(sp?),unruly crowds.


I went in the mid-late 1980s a couple of times. I saw Petra, Sheila Walsh and Stryper…



I still have some Petra and Stryper cassette tapes. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


I like Daniel Amos more now, but they’ve never done Night of Joy.



Daniel Amos may be the only Christian punk band I know about. I’d luv to see them at NOJ. Steve Taylor too.


Wow! You guys are bringing up old memories.

Steve Taylor, DA, Petra, all great.

My favorite band still remains Resurrection Band, or simply REZ.


Petra. The Color Song.

Petra. Old. :wub:

Ya’ll are really old! :c)

I’m jealous that Mick got to even get a GLIMPSE of DCB and Casting Crowns. How cool is that? :c)


PETRA!! :biggrin: That was my first concert!!



I was looking into going in 2007. I spoke with a CM last week on the phone and he said that it use to be a 3 day event and that they cut it back this year to 2 days. Maybe that is why the park was overcrowded. I think that there are enought Christian bands and Christian Mouse loving fans to keep this thing at 3 days!!:laugh: