Has anyone bought tickets from undercovertourist?


Hi im thinking about buying tickets from Discount Tourist attractions, Hotels, Disney World tickets - Travel guides with Maps.

Has anyone had dealings with them?, And are they legit?

Ok I wanted to say undercovertourist and got Discount Tourist attractions, Hotels, Disney World tickets - Travel guides with Maps. Hehe ok.


Never heard of them, but I’m sure someone here has. Have you looked into AAA?

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Hi thanks. I havent got a quote from AAA . I am a member but havent tried contacting an agent. The reason I was asking about undercover tourist is because mousesavers.com had them listed. And quite a few here say that mousesavers is a good site.

This is one of thier captions:

Undercover Tourist

For the best deals on Walt Disney World multi-day tickets, I highly recommend checking out Undercover Tourist, a totally reliable ticket broker with an easy-to-navigate site offering excellent prices.

Theme park tickets are an expensive outlay, and you should feel confident that you are dealing with a legitimate business. Undercover Tourist is a reputable company and have been around for years. I have had hundreds of positive reports from readers who have used this agency, and I have used it myself.

Undercover Tourist prices include tax and FREE shipping to most parts of the world! You can buy your tickets online through a secure server and have them delivered to your home.

Important: when comparing ticket dealer prices with Disney’s published prices, remember that Disney quotes prices without including the 6.5% tax. Undercover Tourist prices include the tax. Be sure you are comparing “apples to apples” by looking at the full price with tax!

How can this ticket agency offer discounted Walt Disney World tickets? They buy blocks of new, unused, discounted tickets from Disney and resell them at a slight mark-up. Undercover Tourist is a Disney parks USA Selected Ticket Seller - Disney’s authorized program for ticket resellers.

Have some time before you need your tickets? Undercover Tourist offers its best deals on tickets exclusively for MouseSavers Newsletter subscribers. These special prices are not available to the general public and are not published here on MouseSavers.com. They are provided ONLY through a “secret” link in the monthly newsletter. Click here to subscribe to the FREE MouseSavers Newsletter. The newsletter comes out on the 15th of each month and I do not send out the “secret” link separately from the newsletter, so please plan ahead.


You can email this email address and ask them if they are legit. I did about another company. wdw.ticket.inquiries@disneyworld.com


Yes I have purchased tickets from them…I used the link on mousesavers. The tickets arrived in less than a week. Shipping was free. I purchased a 6 day park hopper for
the price of a 4 day hopper. I will use them in April. They will expire 14 days after the first day I use them.
I have a friend in Indianna who has used them without any problem and recommended the site.


I just used them myself. We bought 4-10day nonexpiration tickets with park hopper and water etc. from them. We saved 250 dollars over Disney and it was cheaper than mapleleaf. They sent them to us for free and I was impressed that I had to sign for them when they arrived. I would use them again.

I found that our AAA only had 4 and 5 day tickets. Our office suggested looking at the Orlando office to see if they offered longer stay tickets, but I didn’t want the hassle.


I used undercover tourist through the mousesavers link too. Saved money and the tickets were real. I would definately use them again.


Have used them since 2000. No problems at all, they are legit and ship superfast. I have found them to be the cheapest around. I have recommended them to other friends and they have had not had a problem either. If you sign up for the mousesavers new letter or all ears net (I can’t remember which one) they will send you a link for another $3 off each ticket.


We bought our tickets from them and shipping was included in the price. They were much cheaper than WDW. I used the special link through Mousesavers and saved a few $'s; every little bit helps!


We bought tickets from them last July. We even ended up adding on two days when we arrived at Disney with no problems at all. Would use them again.


was there a big savings?


Yes I also have used them, they are legitimate, and cheaper. Go for it!


Yep they are legit and easy to use!