Has anyone designed a t-shirt?


I seen they have a new store @ DtD. You can design your own t-shirt? Has anyone tried this?


No but it is the first spot on our itinerary. My DH is very excited about this.


I can’t wait to try this when we get there…definately going to make DD a Bday t!


Me neither but, I am VERY interested in making one too! lol! like everyone else that responded.


It look a whole lot of fun- somewhere on the boards someone has posted photos of their other half having one done.


We are goingto do this in July! We are going to make the girls where the t-shirts to the park so we can all look the same ! :biggrin:


I’m not very creative though and would really like something cool and fun on the tee. I’m already trying to come up with ideas.:confused:


I cant wait to try thi! Even if it won’t be until sometime late next year maybe! Looks like tons of fun!


We did it this past weekend!!! Although, after we designed it we decided not to buy it. :blush:

It was a lot of fun, and they have a lot of cute designs and fonts you can choose from.


Allears has a blog post of the process…looks really cool and so tempting!

Anyone know how much it costs?


Wonder if you can do sweatshirts too…