Has anyone done a grand gathering?


What makes it different from just a big group of people? Right now this Dec, my DH, DD, DSIL, DGD 4yr and DGD (yet to be born) 5 months, myself and possibly my DS and DDIL are planning a trip. So if everyone goes, does that make 8? Do babies count? What makes it special?


It didn’t do us any good in 07. We were meeting another family a POR and they told us we qualified as a Grand Gathering. I said “Great”. The coolest part was that they were supposed to be right next to us.

Didn’t happen.

It didn’t really matter much as far as the trip went. They were close enough to use the same bus stop. Still had a great time.


My family did a Grand Gathering in September 2008. We were lucky enough to all have rooms right next to each other. However the only thing that was special about it was that we each got a button to wear on our shirts (which isn’t super exciting).

There are a couple of discounts you can get though if you look on the WDW website under Grand Gatherings. Most of the discounts offered are probably not for things the average group would want to do.

We are doing another grand gathering this September but are all staying at different hotels.


Well, as far as getting rooms close to each other, that would be really tough. Here’s the line up…

DD and family…staying 12/6 - 12/11 BLT may add a few days before somewhere else

DS and DW…IF they go, 12/5 - 12/8 POP early flight, 12/8 - 12/11 BLT

DH and I…depending on airfare, 12/5 POP late flight, 12/6 -12/11 SSR (unless we can move), 12/11 - 12/17 BCV.

Clear as mud???..I ran out of fingers trying to explain to a CM yesterday when I made a reservation for DS.

But thanks for the info. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something I was missing. We don’t plan to wander together 24/7. Probably meet at MK for a few hours, part and meet again for dinner. Repeat next day. I suspect DH and I will be bench sitting as we baby sit. Maybe do small world 47 times. The 4 yr should be big enough for some of the big rides, so we’ll keep the infant. Which is why we hope to have one room at MK and one room in BCV/BWV. Almost always have a room within walking distance for baby and grandpa to take a nap. We are still working on that epcot room though. And then after everyone goes home, then we will still have 5 days to do whatever we want. I think I like this plan.


We are currently booked for a grand gathering at the end of this month. There is nothing special besides you can do special things like grand gathering firework cruise etc.


We’ve never done a grand gathering ourselves (always a group of 7 - we miss out by one!) but I thought the main draw of a grand gathering was that you are open to booking extra events throughout the parks. Although, I don’t think a baby would count as the baby isn’t charged for anything - but that is just my guess. Other than that, I think a grand gathering just gets you some extra help with bookings.


We did a Grand Gathering in 2005. It was my family of 5, my brother’s family of 4, my parents and my husband’s parents. All of our rooms were together-DH and I had a room connecting to my in-law’s room, and my brother’s room connected to my parent’s room. All the rooms were right in a row. That was the nicest thing because it was easy to meet up with everyone, and it was easy for the cousins to get to play together. I made all of the ADRS under my name, explaining that we were a large group. I was told that we might not be seated together when I called, and I understood that, but as it turned out, we were all able to sit together at EVERY restaurant, and we were there for 9 days and a sit down meal each day. We did not do any of the other special things that are available when you do a GG, but that was because we’re all cheap and didn’t want to spend the extra $$.:laugh::laugh: If you want to be able to be together at your resort, it is my understanding that this is the best way for you to linked to others you might be traveling with.

I just re-read your question and noticed that you wondered if babies count, and I’m not sure. I do remember that my youngest DD was just shy of turning 3, so she technically didn’t “count” as a little one on that trip. You could always call and ask about that detail.