Has anyone done Disney Adventures yet?


We were thinking of doing the Spirit of america disney adventure.
Has anyone done that one yet?
Has anyone done any of them yet?
Was it fun or was it mainly for kids?:mickey:


I looked into it but for what it costs, I didn’t think it was a bargain - at least for the America ones. Maybe if I was going overseas i would appreciate the guides ect… But, I like to plan…It looks like a blast if you prefer the pre-planned vacations… not too kiddish.


Would love to but haven’t done any yet.


Update- I got a whole packet in the mail from Disney related to it- I think you could call and get it as well. Really informative.
Good Luck-


I have heard good things about the adventures by Disney. I personally would only spend that much if I was going overseas. I believe you can have a great US adventure if you plan it yourself. You can also find cheaper tours that are just as nice…


We took the Cities for Knights and Lights last July which is London and Paris. What a trip of a lifetime!! It was amazing! The tour guides we had were very helpful and a pleasure to be around! We had a group of alomst 40 adults and children, but it didn’t feel like to group was that large. I don’t then anyone didn’t have a great time! By the end of the trip our motto was Disney does it RIGHT!!
Yes go they are well worth the $$. We wish we could take one every year!!


Anybody else??? I want to go on one! How soon should you book a tour if you are going overseas???


Only 1 week until we fly to CA for the Backstage Magic tour! I am spoiled because our family of 4 did the Emerald Isle tour in 2008. It was fantastic and with 2 teenage boys along, I wasn’t sure how much they would enjoy a guided tour experience. They both loved it.

We haven’t done any other types of guided tours before, but now I’m scared to try anything else.

But, I will be leaving my boys behind this trip. This one’s girls’ only–no spouses, no kids! :minnie: