Has anyone done the Photo Session at the Beach Club?


Wondering if anyone has done the Photopass Photo Session at the Beach Club? While visiting the GF at Christmastime, we decided we wanted to do a long overdue family photo session at Disney. I just recently found out that we could do it at the BC and since we’ll be staying at the BWV it will be very convenient to get to, so now I’m wondering if anyone has done it there and if they’re willing to show their pics. I want to know what backdrops/scenery/props they use. I’m really excited about doing this! We have not done a family photo since the kids were 2 1/2 and they will be 15yr in April!! Thanks in advance for any info you can share!


We have. Last August we took photo’s on the dock by the lighthouse, on the beach, in the DVC lobby, and some other locales throughout. It’s really a beautiful place to have this done. The only draw back was, when taking photo’s by the beach, the sun was directly in our eyes which made it difficult to give genuine smiles.


Do you know of any sample pictures I can look at to decide if this is the resort we want to do?