Has anyone done the Spirit of Aloha Dinner show lately?


We have this reserved for our next trip, it’s 2 TS meals.

Is it worth it? We wanted to try something different and DH has always wanted to go to Hawaii, thought this would be about as “close as we get”


It is worth it. The food is great and the show is great.


I think the Hoop de doo review is a much better show and better food,too. My kids were bored at the luau but loved HDDR


We have done it twice and enjoyed it.


I looked hoop de doo review up on youtube. I would like it, but DH wanted no part of it! (Party pooper)

so it’s gotta be the luau.


I did the Luau with my daughter and Mom a few years ago and all 3 of us LOVED IT! The show AND the food!!! :happy:

My DD keeps asking when we could go back!

I would however not using my DDP credits and pay OOP for Tier 1
thats what we had. We had like front row seats!!! They seated us on end, on floor CENTER!!! AWESOME!!! :cool:


We’ve done the SOA luau several times over the years and we all like the food and the show. I think older children like it better.


We’ve done it three times over the years and we’ve loved everytime. This year our DS6 said it was one of the highlights of his trip…how funny is that! He loved the fire guy and our girls DD4 and DD2 couldn’t get enough of the hula dancing. It is a must-do for us and we recommend it to any of our friends going to Disney.


It’s definitely worth doing at least once. We did it on our honeymoon 15yrs. ago and again 2 years ago with the kids. The show is a little corny, but our kids loved the hula dancing and the fire dancer. We also thought the food was good. I agree that you might be better off paying OOP than using the 2 credits. We did that last week for our breakfast at CRT. I guess it depends if you think you’ll have a credit to spare during your trip.


We did the luau the last time we went. I don’t know if it’s changed at all in 10 years but when we went the food was great, the entertainment was great and my father even got picked to go up on stage and do a dance with the girl. It was the funniest thing that happened the entire trip.


Good, I’m glad we decided to do this. Looking forward to it. I’ll be using the 2 TS credits because we’re actually taking a day then with no reservations and just playing by ear. We’re eating at CP for breakfast that morning at 9 am (OOP) so figure we’ll probably only use one CS meal that day then and that will give us an extra CS to work with.


Does anyone know how long the show lasts? If we are seeing the Aloha show at 5:15pm, what time should we expect to be done? Thank you. :slight_smile: