Has anyone done this before?


Ok, I know that some people have done this before, but can you have a relative that is currently retired from the military buy your tickets and you can use them at the gate? :confused:


It is my understanding that the person has to be present at the parks. I could have read this wrong of course, but that’s the way I understood it.


you are correct - they need to be present for the promotion to apply


And don’t they have to be ACTIVE military?


When we stayed at Shades of Green with a friend (retired military) a couple of years ago we bought our tickets at SoG with the military discount and then we could use the tickets just like any other ticket in the parks. The tickets looked just like any other park ticket but read Stars and Stripes (or something like that) on the back.


Let’s say I go to WDW and bring my brother who WAS in the military for 5-6 years (but isn’t any longer). He wouldn’t be entitled to any discounts, would he?
Just wonderin’…


Probably, but he would need to check into it–I think.


Any military out there that can confirm this?

What are the discounts like, btw? Is it worth it to drag my bro down with me? LOL…:laugh:


My mom worked at a military facilty and she was allowed to buy tickets from their recreation office at a reduced rate. She didnt come with us and they looked like regular tickets.


I found this on Mouseplanet!

“The good news is that so far as we can verify, there is no military ID check at the entrance anymore. Feel free to sponsor your friends and family members; they can walk in without showing a military ID card.”

:laugh: :mickey:


I think retired military also.


I think it has to be either retired or active military. We looked into Shades of Green once for my dad. The person buying the tickets probably has to show a military ID at the time of purchase or pick up. From there I would guess that anyone can use them.